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3. com has been a pioneer offering aircraft for sale to Business Aviation leaders with a over 180,000 visitors each month. A. Twelve training centers, 52 full-flight simulators for over 30 aircraft models, and more than 700 instructors: Our Cockpit Training. 20 to 13. Courses are available as B1, B2, combined or Eng. The course focuses on the Technical Knowledge required to become a Certifying Engineer on the Airbus Bk117 D-2 H145 Airframe and Turbomeca Safran Arriel 2 Turbine Airline Maintenance & Engineering Training (AMET) Ltd was established in 2010 and is a UK CAA/EASA Part 147 approved training organisation (UK. com #b787 #Genx #Trent #easapart147 #theory #practical #typetraining. 1 & C), B737 CL (B1. com. The following is a partial list of ICAO type designators for aircraft, with corresponding IATA type codes where available. Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56) B1 Theoretical Type training course & exams RECAT Phase II is a continuation of the RECAT program that focuses on a larger variety of aircraft (123 ICAO type designators that make up more than 99% of US air traffic movements based on 32 US airports), as opposed to the 61 aircraft comprising 85% of operations from 5 US and 3 European airports that were used in RECAT Phase I. 7-Jul-20. Next course(s): A380. Full type rating courses can normally be completed in as few as 12 days on campus, and several options exist for accelerated training and CCQ. A320 Family to A330. B787 GenEx Level 3 B1/B2. 2015 Manila English Yes YF300160-01 A380 Wing Rib Boom Repair 24 3 24. About the airbus a380 Plan This plan is 16. A380. Our online aviation trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top aviation quizzes. Licence: B1 Type Ratings: Airbus A330 (Rolls Royce RB211 Trent 700) B1/B2 level 3 type training. A type of bolt with a recess inside the bolt's head. . Presently Technical Instructor (basic and type courses) at D'viation, KL. uk to book your place now. Dornier 328-100 (PWC PW119) (3) [+]. A380-800 (EA GP7200), CAAS, EASA, CASA, Upcoming. EASA Part-66 B1 Type Training Course and Examination CASA C-295(PWC PW127) Hybrid ribs adaptation to A380 aircraft wings. EAFAS/ Part-145. B757-200/300. m. 2 New designs and innovations 7 - 1. This package combines the ATP-CTP Course and an ATP Rating, followed by one of the Boeing or Airbus Type Ratings that we offer! DETAILS FTI is the leading flight school for type ratings in the Airbus A‑320 & A‑330 and the Boeing B‑737, B‑747 & B‑757/67! Apr 20, 2017 · Completion of the course enables B1/B2 licence holders to perform qualified maintenance checks on the aircraft type concerned. 1/B2 A319/A320/A321 (V2500) – B1. It provides detailed description, operation, component location, removal/installation, bite and troubleshooting procedures to a maintenance manual level. A319/320/321 - IAE V2500 and CFM LEAP-1A; A380 - RR RB211 Trent 900; B787-8/9 - RR RB211 Trent 1000; B777-200/300  Full Theory Type Training A, B1, B2, C Courses ATA Level 3. Sri Hundreds of Amazing Jobs Updated Daily. 1 Aeroplanes Turbine August 2012 – September 2012 Swiss Aviation Training Ltd. Recently I was told that someone has been running CASA approved A330 type training, but am unable to find any referance to this on the net, CASA AAC's and the Queensland Aerospace website no longer contains any information on any A330 type training. • The type rating course consists of 32 hours (8 x 4 hours) training per crew on a full-flight simulator. 1) families, theoretical & practical. ATR72-500,PW127F T1-TYPE COURSE. This course is for pilots that wish to obtain an A380 Type Rating and it is conducted according to EASA Part-FCL Regulations. Licensed Aircraft Engineer B1 and B2 certified staff with the following type ratings on my licence: - Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 CFM56 B1; - Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 CFM56 B2; Having already run the course for its own engineers, along with a sister course for the Airbus A380, British Airways Engineering is the first approved training school in the world able to deliver B1/B2 training for both the 787 and A380. 7 KB and was shared by our member Submitted to AeroFred on 24/05/2015 09:13 in the 3 Views of Airplanes for Model Airplane Design category. B787 RR TRENT EO Theory Duration 30 hours. 145. The aforementioned process is with regards to the Airbus fly by wire family and cover type rating courses between A320, A330, A340, A350 and A380 that Airbus named Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ For personnel with technical experience in aircraft maintenance we offer refresher basic trainings to gain the knowledge required by European Commission Regulation (EC)1321/2014 Annex III (Part-66) needed to attain an AML to level A1, A3, B1. Single Aisle Family to A320 NEO. This A DATE. Certified true copies of the logbook/worksheets showing evidence of the practical maintenance experience gained (if Practical elements not completed This is a process during which a pilot who is qualified on an Airbus aircraft type can fast track his/her qualification to another Airbus aircraft type. EASA certifies electric aircraft, first type certification for fully electric plane world-wide June 21, 2020; 72nd General Assembly June 8th 2020 June 7, 2020; Another post about “Best practices to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID 19 restrictions” June 7, 2020 About this Course We offer a comprehensive suite of Aircraft Type Training courses focusing on ATR, Airbus and Boeing Aircraft Types covering both theoretical and practical elements. B737-100/200 B1/B2 and GEN FAM COURSE; B737-300/400/500 B1/B2 and GEN FAM COURSES; A380 B1/B2 and GEN This means we can now offer full instructor led type course training from the comfort of your own home during COVID-19 lockdown Airbus A330 RR RB211 B1/B2 Aircraft Type Training; Aircraft Type Training. Mar 08, 2020 · Airbus A320 Technical Type Training for Aircraft Technicians, approved EASA Part 147 training. EASA Approved Type Training Courses - SPRING 2019. The comparison stops there. Aircraft type training standard, 3. Type Trainer on Lockheed Martin C130 Hercules (SME). Embraer Aviation Engineering Training courses for the EMB 135/145 (RR AE3007A) - Legacy 600/650 - ERJ 170 (GE CF34) - ERJ 190 (GE CF34) from AETS Engineering Training Full Airbus Type course B1+B2 A319/320/321(CFM 56-5 / IAE V2500), and A318 CFM56 Full Airbus Type course B1+B2 THALES University (International Aeronautic Training Center) A notable factor in achieving the A350 XWB/A330 Common Type Rating is the similarity in handling qualities between the two fly-by-wire jetliners, as recently verified by pilots representing the European and U. A330 to A340-500 diff course B1/B2 theory and practical. I think that Nvidia drivers are causing problems,not beta5 as is perfect for my gtx 1080. 9. LEAP. Single Aisle to A320 Family. Students return again and again to train with Castle Air Academy because we deliver the best courses for the best price. 8058 - Zurich Airport Embraer ERJ190 series (Ge CF34) B1/B2 Maintenance Type training Course EASA B1 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Base and Line Maintenance experience. Location. The course uses practically-oriented instruction and the latest (and constantly-updated) training documentation to cover all the theoretical and technical aspects of the topics required. EASA cum DGCA type rating course: A 320 B1 Theoretical Course : Starting Soon EASA cum DGCA type rating course: A 320 B2 Theoretical Course : Starting Soon For early bird discount contact : NP Butee(9820011263 / +91-22-26263493), Tapas Bhattacharya (9833184616 / +91-22-26263273). Stay Connected with AeroCareers - Aviation is for Everyone! Development. Freelance B1/B2 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer A350/A330&B737NG bij iGO Solutions - Air France & KLM Group, Paris, France. ICAO Type II Licence Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic-Technician Licence Type Rating: B737-300/400 with CFM56-3. 6 Feb 2019 BAA Training Boeing 737 NG students have just finished the theoretical part of the type rating course and are about to start flights in B737 NG  15 Jun 2017 LineTOOL, LineMAP and LineSIZING tools – developed by Airbus for use on A350 XWB carbon fibre – reduce the time and cost required to  29 Oct 2018 Study Aircraft Engineering online with these courses: http://ow. Ramiz Sadulov A380 Certificate Boeing 787-8 to -9 difference course B1/B2 type rating B2 Licensed Aircraft Engineer 2012 – 2012 Activități și societăți: Theoretical and practical training for DreamLiner Boeing 787 Available type training courses: B1/B2, Cat C: Boeing 777-200/300 (GE 90) Boeing B787-8/9/10 (GE GEnX) Airbus A319/320/321 (IAE V2500) Airbus A318/319/320/321 (CFM65) Airbus A330 (Trent 700) Airbus A330 (CF6) Airbus A380 (GP7200) Available 145 training courses: CAR/PART 145: Fuel Tank safety Electrical Wiring Interconnect System Human factors It’s true that 747-8 is way sexier than A380 but A330 is better than 767. Jul 22 2020 manual-airbus-a320-espanol 1/5 PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. Just excessive amounts of more time and money. EASA Part 66 Category A, B1. Related Courses for Competence Development. 5. Valid EASA CAT B1 licence; Type rated and current on Airbus A380; Current Logbook and / or current Company Authorization Document; Current EWIS, FTS and HF Certificates; Candidates MUST already have german work permit or EU-Citizenship! B. 1 and B2 Modules lessons update following EASA requirements: - B1. The objective of this course is that students achieve those detailed theoretical skills regarding the systems, structures, operations, maintenance, repair and diagnosis of breakdowns detected in the aircraft, in conformity Atlantic Aviation Institute and Etihad Airways are delighted to offer you an opportunity to obtain EASA approved training in order to gain your Boeing 777 (GE 90) Type Rating on your AML. An A330/350 type rating can be conducted either as a Standard Transition A330/350 Type Rating or as a fly-by-wire CCQ Course to the A330/350. A330 Type 1 DT (real slide) A380MDL1 DT (virtual slide) A380UDL1 DT (virtual slide) Airbus A330-200/300 (GE-CF6) Mechanical & Avionics (T1 &T2) course A330 GE CF6 to RB211 Trent 700 B1 Differences A330 PAX to Freighter Differences Ramp & Transit A320 series (CFM56)(V2500) A318/319/320/321 (CFM 56) B1 & B2 course IAE V2500 Engine ( A319/320/321) Engineering Procedures Training for all Customer Airlines The online course "Deutsch Interaktiv" covers levels A1 to B1 in 30 lessons. The ground training phase of each Type Rating course is designed to give trainees the necessary theoretical knowledge required to progress on the simulator and flying training phases of the Type Rating. 100 hours as pilot in command of airplanes; CPL or ATPL; MCC; Valid ME; Medical Certificate. Airbus A320 _T1/T2 – EASA PART 66 – B1 & B2 Combined Practical Course – 10 Days. It has been downloaded 210 times by fellow modelers from around the world. Aircraft Type Training. 1. B1  Type trainings. 1 license for the respective aircraft type. B777-200/300 GE90 Level 3 B1 British Airways Engineering Training. 1 Castable cement insulating material 8 - 1. 1: The successful completion of this training authorizes you to apply for a CAT B1. Working with operators, lessors, and MROs, Airbus Services enhances fleet performance with the expertise of an aircraft designer and manufacturer. -Experienced in the GCC region-Unrestricted European passport -Valid US C1/D (crew visa) US B1/B-Marital Status: Single-Computer Literate -EASA Attestation -Valid CCA ORO PART CC-Valid aero-medical Certificate-Yellow Fever Vaccination-Available Certificate of non criminal record. 2015 26. ACN Defined [ Advisory Circular 150-5335-5C , ¶ 1. Holding NL - EASA PART 66 B1. Part 66 B1. B1 & B2 (3). 2 Course name Aircraft type GE90 Engine type Duration B1+B2 Theory If you are looking for a tailor-made solution or a dedicated course, such as in-house training on a location of your preference, please contact us by mail: End date Boeing Airbus CFM56 Amsterdam: sales. 16-Feb-20. B777-200/300. EASA. There are in direct competition with each other, and thus have quite a rivalry built up despite being located on two different continents. 2015 Manila 1 - AS 4426-1997 THERMAL INSULATION OF PIPEWORK, DUCTWORK AND EQUIPMENT - SELECTION, INSTALLATION AND FINISH 4 - PREFACE 5 - CONTENTS 7 - SECTION 1 SCOPE AND GENERAL 7 - 1. but limited slots available so First Come First Serve Apply Now. PG Mechanical Engineering, Licensed Aircraft Engineer B1 (A320, A330,A380,B737,B777,B747), Executive Instructor/examiner for Type aircraft, in Malaysia Airlines. The training will be conducted in the classroom, on the aircraft, and in maintenance facilities. The course only applies to B1/B2/C licenced engineers, other individuals can take our GENFAM course. Consultancy International Aircraft Avionics Technician at AirAsia India, A320 B1+B2 Type course possessor, a course approved by DGCA (India aviation regulatory). S. 06. Throughout 2020 Also via remote learning (subject to approval) click the button below to register your interest or to get further details. 1 & B2 module exams • Category addition exams (i. EASA Trent 900 Run Up Course, Frankfurt, Germany This interactive iPad guide offers an in-depth look into the systems of the Airbus A320 equipped with IAE and CFM engines. This course enables the attendee greater opportunities in attaining work on the type. 2019 – 06. I'm the shift coordinator at AIRASIA INDIA-Based at Delhi. Airbus A400M B1. I recently got my first endorsement for the A320 fam both engines on my B1. Cockpit4u supports interested pilots with a realistic Type Rating A380. This course is in compliance with EASA Part-66, Appendix III “Type Training and Examination Standard”. As one of the most established aviation training companies in Europe we are proud to offer a wide range of B1, B2 and B1/B2 Combined rated courses for a whole host of aircraft / engine combinations. T2. Type rating course Airbus A330 (PW 4000), B1 full Type rating course Airbus A340 (CFM56), B1 full Type rating course Airbus A330 (RR RB 211 TRENT 700), B1 full Type rating course Airbus Airbus A340 ( RR RB 211 TRENT 500),B1 full Human Factors Fuel tank safety FedEx – RVSM Introduction (Course Code M91RVSM) EWIS Advanced ETOPS Training DLH NDT BOROSCOPE INSPECTION COURSE ATA 104 LEVEL 4, CFM 56-3/-5/-7, V 2500 B1 LAME with respective type ratings E190/A320CEO/NEO and B737NG. 147. Through the mix of theory and practise you will focus on the chosen aircraft type and get an exclusive access to all the peculiarities necessary to safely operate this highly popular plane. EASA Part-66 Cat B1. • EASA Part 66 B2 Avionics License. 1 Course (Aircraft Maintenance) Read More A380 Wake Turbulence Course. SAR 66 ION. ) for maintenance personnel as well as provide consulting and auditing to obtain and/or support EU (EASA) Part-145, EU (EASA) Part-147, UAE (GCAA B787 (GENX-1B) Aircraft Type Training; B787 (RR Trent 1000) Aircraft Type Training; EASA Part-66 Category B1/B2-M9 Human Factors; EASA Part-66 Category B1/B2-M10 Aviation Legislation; WSQ-approved SAR66 Category B1/B2 Basic modules; For WSQ-approved modules, enjoy up to 90% Course Funding* for Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident Completion of the course enables B1/B2 license holders to perform qualified maintenance checks on the aircraft/powerplant type concerned. 2015 19. com is the industry standard. The B-52, 747 and A380 were meant to fly very long distances with large loads and at high altitude. traininge&m@klm. IAE V2500 / CFM56. 1 Aeroplanes Turbine and B2 Avionics categories. 2020 Courses: B737NG to MAX. (DGCA/CAAM/EASA) Aktiviti Boeing 737-300/400/500 B1 Type Course. AMS. Practical Type Training Course 1 - 12 April 2019 Jan 23, 2019 · Minimum pass rate is 75%, which will be trained to 100% in an instructor lead test debriefing to ensure complete understanding of all topics. The different training courses can be run in Airbus Training Centres across our network; they can also be delivered at customers’ doorstep thanks to mobile solutions or even at trainees’ desk through e-Training features. PW100 Series engine. o Approved by EASA/CASA AUSTRALIA, FAA as theory and practical training instructor, examiner and assessor for A380, B777 and 747-400. The course is based upon Computer-Based Training (CBT) courseware provided by and customized for customer airlines. Current License Type Rating's: EASA LMA Part 66 B1 A380 TRENT 900 EASA LMA Part 66 B1 A380 EA GP7200 SIAEC Jobs - SIA Engineering Company is hiring for Licensed Aircraft Engineers (B1) . Email flight. 3 Airbus BK117 D-2 H145 Type Rating Course Theory & Practical. This course is for pilots that wish to obtain an A330/350 Type Rating and it is conducted according to EASA Part-FCL Regulations. 2015 Manila English Yes YGAT0A30M-01 A380 (RR RB211 Trent 900) General Familiarization 24 5 15. Airbus A330 GE CF6-80 Engine Airbus A330 PW 4000 Engine Boeing 787 B1/B2 (GEnx) level 3 Type training Boeing 787 Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Engine. 2020 B1. B1/B2 B737NG aircraft licensed engineer chez Altitude Global Ltd Type rating B737 CL B1/B2. Oct 11, 2011 · category B1, B2 or C aircraft type training approved by the competent authority or conducted by an appropriately approved Part-147 maintenance training organisation. Photo: Aniko Horvath. Type training courses : A318/319/320/321-CEO (CFM 56 & IAE V2500) Working on a variety of aircraft including Airbus A380, A320 family & Boeing 777, 737. 2. sinerjiaviation. A320 to A319/A321 Bridging course; B1 / B2 Type Course - 6 Weeks Ground Run & Taxi - 3 Days Type Course - 5 Weeks Bostonair Technical Training are delighted to announce that we will be hosting an A300 – 600 B1/B2 (PW4000 & CF6-80) type course, starting in October! DATES – Theory: 07. 3. A380 GP7200& RR Trent 900,B777RR Trent 800-GE90) A320 series V2500,CFM56&CFM Leap-1A)A330(RR Trent 700)PW4000)CF6-80) B737CL&NG(CFM56. All of our full-length and conversion courses are designed to satisfy the requirements of PART 66 Category B1, B2 and C License holders. Courses are available for the following aircraft types; Embraer 135/145 and 170/190 ; Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 PG Mechanical Engineering, Licensed Aircraft Engineer B1 (A320, A330,A380,B737,B777,B747), Executive Instructor/examiner for Type aircraft, in Malaysia Airlines. Currently holding QCAA,GCAA Type Rated Licence. A320 Type Rating Course Objetives We guarantee that the aspiring pilot will carry out safely and properly the normal, abnormal and emergency operations, knowing the limitations of the aircraft, its systems and performances, in order to pass the level tests, exams and proficiency checks with the level required by the authority. B2 (2). This A g in a SAR-ION. B767-200/300/400. B1 & B2 level II) B737-300/400 (CFM56) B737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56) B767-200/300 (PW4000), (CF6) Part-147 B787 B1/B2 Theory & Practical courses. All major problems I had with VR crashes in exit game or re enabled in game fixed. e. 2 ACI considers that NLA should not be planned to exceed Code F wingspan and wheel span, and in particular, wingspans of over 80 metres may prove unacceptable. I work as Licensed Aircraft Engineer in Qatar Airways, AbuDhabi,UAE. 2019 Practical: 25. Experience Leading Night Shift . This course provides theoretical ATA Spec 104, Level 3 knowledge for Electrical, Airframe and Powerplant systems and ATA Spec 104, Level 2 for Avionic systems. Start with an audio story (German/English) B1 B2 Type Trainer on Airbus NEO A319, 320,321 with LEAP 1A NEO & PW1100G (SME) B1 B2 Type Trainer on Airbus A318, A319, 320,321 with IAE 2500 & CFM56 engine. The participant will acquire knowledge necessary to perform and certify maintenance tasks permitted to be carried out as certifying staff category B1. 27-May-20. Theory training: September 2-27, 2019 Practical training: September 30 – October 11, 2019 Venue: Leeds, UK. Course corresponds to the related EASA approved theoretical and practical course and enables participants to gain competence in practical line & base maintenance on B1&B2 license level. 1 & B2 basic training courses • Category A1 & B1. Courses can be arranged in full or part to meet individual requirements. I am Specializing in B2 (avionics) stream. If this is the first type rating applied for, within any given licence category or sub-category (B1. B1 Type Rated Licence on A318/319/320/321 Aircraft with IAE V2500&CFM Engine QCAA/BCAA-B1. B2 (1). Student must have the In these training courses general knowledge of the most important aircraft systems and components is acquired. Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 to A330 B1/B2 Level III, Start Date: Mid –March 2019 Location: Larnaca-Cyprus Contact us at: info@ikaros147. Content. 4. By segmenting our courses and clearly defining the sections between B1. 2011 – 2011. 0129) and Specialized Training (aircraft continuation, train the trainers, train the auditors, FTS, EWIS, SMS, sheet metal and composite structure repair, etc. 1/B2 MD11 with P&W4000 B1. Upon successful completion of this course, our students can apply for the endorsement of the new aircraft type to their Part-66 CAT B1 and/ or B2 license. A new Part 147 approved Type Rating course B1/B2 A320 Family is now available in Tirana! The full course, including all the applicable engines, will Liked by Saimir Mhilli Cockpit. Hex socket (Allen) drives are compact and easy to drive, but prone to cam-out. De Icing course. José Leandro. Add an Airbus Type Rating to your certificate by completing our 14 CFR 142 approved A320 or A330 courses in a state-of-the-art, FAA approved, Level C or D simulator. com or hpa@ikaros147. Book now on website and become a valued member in aviation! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website, including smooth operation of the website and marketing solutions. SAR licence sha aintenance YPE / GRO and group following s raft in the Ap mation on w rating or an cise his or h mation on w ing course o g. b. FEAM type training courses are bolted together to ensure your B1/B2 EASA 147 approved for B1/B2 engineers. Check out our LinkedIn, Face book and Web sites for upcoming courses or register your interest by  Licensed Aircraft Engineer EASA Part-66 B1 and B2 and CAT C at MESA/HIFLY Type rating training Airbus A380 RR Trent 900 EASA Part 66, Cat. EASA Part 147 Aircraft Type Training B1. 10 years in the aviation industry. com; A350 Full flight simulator and cabin door trainer now ready for bookings; We are now conducting virtual Examiner Refresher Seminars, to book contact flight. 1 and B2 basic training; An apprenticeship program; A BSc degree course in Professional Aviation Engineering Practice (In conjunction with City College Norwich and the University of East Anglia) Category A license (For students from 16 years old) Online EASA part 66 B1. Virtual classrooms enable highly impactful delivery of courses, ensuring longer B777-200/300 GE90 Level 3 B1/B2 A380 GP7200 Level 1 Gen Fam. Boeing 737 Boeing 747-8 Mechanical/Avionics (B1/B2), EASA IR Part 66. Those functions are revealed in the wing design. Jun 20, 2019 · EASA B1. Duration: 5 Tuition Days Prerequisites: EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence cat B1/ B2 as well as the relevant type rating & a good command of English. From Aircraft Brokers, CEOs, Chief Pilots and Flight Department Managers Globalair. 3, B2 etc), then approved OJT must be submitted certified by your Quality Manager. (d) Category B1 and B2 approved type training shall include theoretical and practical elements and consist of the appropriate course in relation to the 66. 2 REFERENCED DOCUMENTS 7 - 1. In partnership with a range of training providers, JMC Training has access to a catalogue of different aircraft type courses including: Q400-8 B1; Q400-8 B2; CRJ 200 B1; CRJ 700/900 B1; CRJ 200 B2; CRJ 700/900 B2 Avionics; CRJ 700/900 B1/B2 Combined; CRJ 200 or CRJ 700/900 Technical Familiarization Course EASA PART 66/147 AW139 (PWC PT6) LIII, B1. EASA B1/B2 Level 3 A380 Frankfurt, Germany A380 level 3 type training. 0011), having successfully completed the certification process, is now qualified to provide aviation professionals with BOEING B777 B1/ B2 aircraft type theoretical and practical training. The participant will aquire knowledge necessary to perform and certify maintenance tasks permitted to be carried out as certifying staff category B1. 20(a) privileges. Language English. 27/01/2020 TO 13/03/2020. In the early 1970s, Aérospatiale initiated a development programme to produce a replacement for the aging Aérospatiale Alouette II. 82 I faced no problem with crashes in VR in beta 5. Airbus A319 Training Course, Boeing 777 Training Courses Airbus A380 (RR RB211 Trent 900) Powerplant Only B1 After the License, you will be nominated for Type training on Emirates aircraft by your Line   Airbus offers a full coverage of approved/ type training courses for certifying A380/A350XWB New Technologies course · EASA C – Base Maintenance B1 – Full course · B1 – Intra Family Cross Maintenance Qualifications CMQ (T1) · B1   Part 147 aircraft type courses. RR RB B1 Licensed Engineer with Type’s B737NG / B777 / B787 / A320 at LGW Latest News New Line Maintenance Station Open – 08/05/2019 We propose a comprehensive training portfolio addressing pilots, cabin crew, maintenance personnel, structure and repair specialists. A-Check experience. 1] ACN is a number that expresses the relative effect of an aircraft at a given configuration on a pavement structure for a specified standard subgrade strength. Below is a table of the main features and specifications for the Boeing 737 family of aircraft. 7. Airbus A380 (RR RB 211 Trent 900) C Trafi (CAA Finland) Boeing 757 type course B1/B2. The theory training is normally conducted at our dedicated training centre in the Spanish coastal resort of Santa Pola (Alicante) in Spain, which appears very popular with our students. &ICAO TYPE-ll Licence on A320 series with V2500Engine. In fact, Airbus has lately sold more planes than Boeing, especially their A320 over the 737. We offer a specific training for a better integration to the type training and a recurrent training to refresh the knowledge of aircraft system and maintenance basic technologies: A380/A350XWB New Technologies course. A320 and 737 are nothing special either. - Boeing 737 NG and Classic, B767, B 777-200ER and 300LR A320 Family with CFM 56 and V2500 B1 Type Course. 66. EASA Part-66 Cat B2 Jan 31, 2010 · Im looking for a CF6 B1/B2 type course(run in Australia) . 25000 lb 26500 lb 22000 lb 23500 lb 30000 lb 31000 lb 27000 lb 22000 lb 23500 lb. This course satisfies the category B1/B2 type training requirement as specified in Part 66 for licensed aircraft maintenance engineers required to exercise certification privileges within a Part 145 approved maintenance organization. As Experienced Senior Technical Certifying Engineer EASA PART 66 B1 / B2 / C on type A300-B1/B2, A300-600, A310, A320 family, A330, A340, B737 cl and Experienced Assistant Engineer on type B737 NG, B747, B757, B767, DC 10, MD 80, ATR 42/72, F-100, Avro, Dash 8, CRJ 600-700, Gulstream, Pylatus, Falcon, I share expertise to MRO and Airlines air transport (Group 1) aircraft which includes types such as the A380-800. The successful completion of this training authorizes you to apply for a CAT B1. Full Theory Type Training A, B1, B2, C Courses ATA Level 3 Check out our LinkedIn, Face book and Web sites for upcoming courses or register your interest by email to Anna atuck@feaircraft. Building on the company’s pioneering spirit, Airbus Services has innovative solutions and latest offering on the The global climate of rising fuel costs as well as increased competition in the form of the Airbus A320 have ensured that Boeing continue to bring out more improved versions of the type. Senior NCO Prop/Airframe Royal Air Force (RAF) Airbus C295W type course. viso S Airbus A380-800 type rating April 2009 – July 2009 Aero Bildung G. EASA 147 RR Trent 900 Vs EA Aircraft type Airbus A318/319/320/321 CFM56/V2500 Engine. 18-Oct-20. 1 Airbus A330 with P&W4000 RR Trent 700, GE CF6 B2/B1. 1) and B737 NG (B1. DGCA Approved Airplane Type Licence Courses related to Airframe, Power plant & Avionics systems. AIRCRAFT AND ENGINE MODELS APPROVALS; A319/A320/A321 (IAE V2500) A380-800 (RR Trent 900) CAAS: EASA Storm Aviation is a reputable approved EASA Part-147 (approval number UK. Let us Kickstart your Airline Career! Top Industry Employers · Receive Email Job Alerts · Hundreds Of Aviation Jobs · Find Your Dream Job The method covers evaluation of the relative quality of subgrade soils but is applicable to sub-base and some base course materials. A380 B1 type course Fitted with GP7200 Series Engine. 3-May-20. 12. 08. This EASA Part 147 approved course is designed for aircraft maintenance engineers to meet the standard of knowledge required to perform the duties of a B1/B2 certifying engineer and to apply for appropriate company approvals for Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (V2500) General Familiarisation Theory over 5 days. To take advantage of this rare opportunity please contact us at enquiries@advancedat. A318/319/320/321 (CFM56,V2500) theoretical and practical type training for Part-66 B1 Category 2013 – 2013 Bombardier Aerospace,Training Center,Skopje,Macedonia Eye-catcher at #Manchester airport (MAN): Airbus #A380 HI FLY (9H-MIP). Dornier 328-300 (PWC PW306) (3) [+]. A109 Type Rating Training Courses. o Impart Basic and Type training covering Avionics, Electromechanical Systems on A380, 777-200/300ER/777LRF, 747-400/747F, A380-800. 1 issued by Netherlands CAA with type ratings for View Dumindu Abhayaratne (MSc Air Safety)’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. B777 GE90 B1 Type training in Amsterdam Schiphol (31Mar14 - 05Jun14) , RR RB211 Engine Trent 800 , Pratt & Whitney PW4000 Pratical Training (06Jun - 20Jun14) in Hangar 11 and Line Maintenance On the Job Training on 777-200 and 777-300ER for B1 license at KLM Amsterdam in hangar 14 (C check) and H11 and H12 (October and November 2014) EASA Part-66 B1 Type Training Course and Examination CASA C-295(PWC PW127) Hybrid ribs adaptation to A380 aircraft wings. COURSE LIST A380-800 (RR Trent 900), CAAS, EASA, CASA, CCAR. Boeing 737NG B1/B2 Full Type Course (Theory Only) • Category A1 & B1. Type training: Lufthansa Airbus A380 B1/B2 Type course and POC Airbus A330 Mechanical B1 Type course and PCT Human Factors and CTS. training@ba. José Leandro B1 Aircraft Engineer na Swiss International Air Lines. 10. , eLearning, synoptics, active synoptics, videos) and a 360° virtual tour accessed through an interactive HTML curriculum. As well as an Aircraft Type Code, IATA may optionally define an Aircraft Group Code for types and variants that share common characteristics (for example all Boeing 747 freighters, regardless of series). B1, B2, B1+B2 Boeing 737-300/400/500 (CFM56) Gives the attendee an all round knowledge and understanding of the airframe and engine systems. Professor and Assessor CAT A Task Training on A320. PAR. T1+T2. B1 B2 Boeing 777-200/300 (GE90) Practical Course. Engineers come to us throughout their careers, to gain the necessary qualifications and knowledge needed to maintain large commercial air transport (Group 1) aircraft which includes types such as the A380-800. A380 Pilot at Emirates. • Experience on following aircraft type: - Airbus A380, A400M, A340, A330, A320 (A319; A321). 98 hotfix I had game crashed with no response in app. EA GP7200 / RR RB 211 Trent 900. 11. Course requirements. Our Training Capabilities - Ref UK. Examination Practical training will be documented in the Practical Training Form (PTF). Airbus Type Ratings – A320 and A330. Job Opportunities : 0 Type Training : 0 Continuous Trainings : 0 Basic Training : 0 Online CV's: 235 Flight testing is a branch of aeronautical engineering that develops and gathers data during flight of an aircraft, or atmospheric testing of launch vehicles and reusable spacecraft, and then analyzes the data to evaluate the aerodynamic flight characteristics of the vehicle in order to validate the design, including safety aspects. Licensed Aircraft Engineer Airbus & Boeing Fleets at Storm Aviation . Holger Wirbelauer A380 Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Control Center // EASA AML CAT B1, B2 and C for B757, B767, A330, A340 & A380 GlobalAir. B1 (3). MAINTENANCE TYPE TRAINING of Airframe, Engine and Avionics courses ranging from General Familiarisation, through to fully approved B1 and B2 training  Language proficiency not included. By means of a goal-oriented combination of theory and practice the best possible learning effect is guaranteed. A320 B1/2 V2500 & CFM56 Theory and Practical Location : London Start Date : Monday 19th October, 2020 Courses Type of trainings: Airbus. 3 and CAT B2). more about Cockpit Training For the A380 in particular, recommendations are contained in the Common Agreement Document of the Airbus A380 Compatibility Group . 2005. A personality which is highly reliable and responsible who has Line & Base experience with the ability to read and interpret manuals and diagrams, testing, repairing, maintaining and servicing the aircraft safely and efficiently according to the manufacturer's recommendations & holds EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License (Category B1. Looking for A380 theory course. CFM56. Mesa is the main private aircraft maintenance provider in Portugal, where the customer always comes first. All courses are tutored by highly qualified instructors with more than ten years of worldwide experience in the aeronautical industry. ENGINE TYPE. C: Continuing /Recurrent /Refresher training programs E:Aircraft Types Trained at Group B MTO: Airbus A330, Airbus A320, A319, A321, CRJ700, ATR42, Our courses are well structured and delivered in a accordance with EASA regulations under Part 147 approval. AIRCRAFT TYPE. British Airways Flight Training. 1 Licence on A320 Series Aircraft with IAE V2500 Engines. CFM 56 manufacturers course. It intends to offer A380 B1/B2 training on a commercial basis later this year. Fitter-Mechanic EADS PZL Warszawa-Okęcie. Achieved all part 66 B1 modules. An A380 type rating can be conducted either as a Standard Transition A380 Type Rating or as a fly-by-wire CCQ Course to the A380. 1 license. All pilots from initial type rating to Captain upgrade can benefit from this concise study guide. Airbus A380 B1/B2 Type course and POC Airbus A330 Avionics Type Course Airbus A330 Mechanical B1 Type course and PCT Human Factors and CTS. fr GEnx PW4000 RR RB211 Storm Aviation has released the following online B1 and B2 courses for booking: · Course #543: 29 June – 1 July: A320 neo LEAP-1A differences (from CFM56/V2500 or PW1100G) - Limited Places · Course #544: 13-15 July: A320 neo PW1100G differences (from CFM56/V2500 or LEAP-1A) - Limited availability · Course #550: 20 July-22 July: A320 neo LEAP-1A differences (from CFM56/V2500 or PW1100G). 1, CAT B1. level 2 type course on A320 and Airbus Services was founded to deliver world leading integrated aviation services, creating value and enhancing customer performance. Sheet Thickness,Hole Size in Sheet + . A380 Training Courses B2 Airbus A380 (EA GP7200) B1 Airbus A380 Approved aircraft type training is conducted on Airbus A380-800 and Boeing B777-200, 200ER Aircraft Type Training & General Familiarization Courses. Technical Type Rating Department This course is in compliance with EASA Page 13/23. 1 and  Training Courses List. Posted: Apr 20, 2017 This course covers both the B1 and B2 theoretical and practical elements of the Airbus A320 series aircraft and includes both CFM56 and IAE V2500 engines. From A1 to B1, from B1 to B2 etc…) • Omitting license conversion limitation exams • B1, B2, B1&B2 and category C type trainings • Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56) • Boeing 777-200/300 (GE 90) Airbus A320 Type Rating training – one the final critical steps on the road to the cockpit of Airbus narrow-body aircraft. Flight deck controls and displays The 787 propulsion controls are designed for maximum commonality with the 777 architecture, while incorporating the latest customer-driven improvements. Practical Duration 60 hours ANVA Aviation Academy proposes EASA Part-147 approved Aircraft Type Training (ref. 0057) Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO), providing aircraft engineering training in the B1. 3/B2 Course start date : 17 Feb 2020 Theory : 25 Days Location : LCA -Cyprus, IKAROS Facilities Practical : 10 Days Location : TBA – Possible Cyprus Teach Days : Mon to Sat (6 days / week) نبذة عني. Activiteit B737NG Type Rating, Airbus A320 Type Rating Course JCARC Part 66 Category B1. civil aviation authorities who flew both aircraft. com All Type courses conducted by Instructor lead distance learning from the comfort of your own home or office. • Transport Canada Licensed AME type “E” Avionics License. 17-Dec-20. Q400 B1 Type Theory Course 4 February - 1 March 2019. Type Courses are available for B1 and B2 licence holders and we also offer combined B1 and B2 courses. Reliability, safety and on-time performance are pre-requisites of a successful airline and Engineering excellence is the only way by which this may be achieved. This ES. 2019 – 22. Dumindu has 2 jobs listed on their profile. No shortcuts there I'm afraid. EMB 170/190 B1/B2 Combined Course 4 February - 13 March 2019 . Aviation training course – Munich PART 66 Certifying Technician Mechanic Category B1 course B1. 1 or B2. Can I request for an exclusive one-on-one training for myself? For a course to be carried out, we require a minimum of eight participants. Virtual courses with exams in Norwich & Practical in Ediburgh; Starting 20th July ; Starting 24th August; More informtion coming soon on other B737 & Embrarer 170/190 courses . There is no interruption from the passenger accessing the middle seat, however, the proximity to the lavatory might be bothersome. Started in Sicily in line maintenance, than continued in Hamburg in the final assembly line of the A380 where I got the qualification of door rigger. Long Range to A320 Family. 14-Jun-20. Our training solutions are highly customizable, ranging from full B1/B2 type training as well as Limitations Removal, Engine Differences and much more. 1 & INDIAN DGCA ICAO TYPE II A&C Licence. PW BOROSCOPIC. FLAT RATED TEMPERA-TURE ( DEG C / DEG F ) 30°/86° 30°/86° 30°/86° 30°/86° 30°/86° 30°/86° 45°/113° 45°/113° 45°/113° BYPASS RATIO A two-year, six-airplane 787 flight test program led to type certification in August 2011 and entry into service in October 2011. 2 Aircraft maintenance engineer license course. Nov 14, 2014 · So I would have to get a B1. com Paris: mail. 1 licence, do the type course for the aeroplane engine type rating, then do the PCT/OJT, get the rating, then do the differences course + OJT etc for the helicopter engine type rating. Consultancy International Advanced Aircraft Training (AAT) Ltd, in cooperation with Virgin Atlantic, are pleased to confirm that we will be running a B747-400 (GE CF6) B1/B2 theoretical and practical type training course at LGW UK from 06. Browse Part # FHS-632-10, Self-Clinching Threaded Studs - Type FH/FHS/FHA - Unified in the PennEngineering catalog including Part #,Item Name,Description,Thread Size,Thread Code,Length Code,Material Code,Min. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Dumindu’s connections and jobs at similar companies. A300-600 B1/B2 (PW4000 & CF6-80) Type Course 21st August 2019 by Ana Watts Bostonair Technical Training are delighted to announce that we will be hosting an A300 – 600 B1/B2 (PW4000 & CF6-80) EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License category B1 or B2 and successfully completed the appropriate theoretical course on relevant aircraft type and previous practical experience of aircraft/ engine of comparable construction and system. Airbus A380 Versus Boeing 787. NOTE: All courses cover theory training and Type Courses. com Alumni of University of Hertfordshire are widely employed by leading manufacturers in the field such as BAE Systems (one of the world’s largest defense and aerospace manufacturer), Rolls-Royce (the world’s second largest airplance engine manufacturer) and include Frank Ogilvie the deputy chief designer of the Airbus A380. 01. Sofema Aviation Services > EASA 147 Type Rated Training Courses. 1 and B2 training B787 B1/B2 GEnx TYPE COURSE PARIS. Key Result Areas CATTS B777-2/300 B1/B2 Type Course incl all 3 Engines GE90, RR Trent 800 and PW4000 * EASA Part 147 (Approved on MTOE) FREELANCE TYPE TRAINER with Train the Trainer course. Airbus C295W FWSAR B1 AME Airbus A380. NWI. 1/B2 Course Number Course Name Start Date End Date; 3. Having already run the course for its own engineers, along with a sister course for the Airbus A380, British Airways Engineering is the first approved training school in the world able to deliver B1/B2 training for both the 787 and A380. com WhatsApp: 0090 537 956 9624 www. Airbus make air travel more comfortable with their A380, the plane which you crowned as the ugliest airplane in the world. 29-Mar-20. Course Overview Our training packages include the maintenance training manual, instructor presentation, student materials, and embedded enhanced media* (i. and oriented to perform worldwide on AIRBUS A318 /A319/ A320 / A321 (CFM56) (IAEV2500), AIRBUS A330 (GECF6) (RR TRENT 700 Global 6000, Falcon 7X, BBJ 737, B777, A320, A380, Fokker 50, MD83. The participant will acquire knowledge necessary to perform and certify maintenance tasks permitted to be carried out as certifying staff category B1 or B2. In a few days IKAROS AVIATION TRAINING CENTER, will announce the beginning of ΝΟΝ-147 Courses as:-EWIS-FUEL TANK SAFETY,-LEGISLATION,-HUMAN FACTORS, ZITA Aviation Training (EL. COURSE LIST. H. (SME) B1 B2 Type Trainer on Airbus A380 with RR Trent 900 engine (SME). The goal of these training courses is to obtain a respective Type Rating for the authorizes you to apply for a CAT B1. B777-200/300 GE90 Level 3 B1/B2. Brok-air Training Malta Ltd. 1 E: None: No Power: Seat 1 E is a standard rear-facing Club World seat. PW T1+T2. Type Trainer on Airbus A400 (SME). TYPE TRAINING - EASA non-approved Classroom Training x YCAT2Y40M-01 A319/A320/A321 (IAE V2500) A/P Ramp & Transit 24 9 08. 2020 Airbus A320 CFM56 + V2500 B1/B2 & Airbus A320 NEO CFM LEAP-1A + PW1100G B1/B2 Airbus A380 (RR RB 211 Trent 900) B1/2 Differences Course A3808TRDF-0013 Part-147 approved differences course for the B1 & B2 Theoretical Elements on the Trent 900 engine & interfaces. Practical element. Consultancy International TAE40110 Training and Assessment Certificate IV. I love working with my team and able to take up extra challenges. Airbus offers a full coverage of approved/ type training courses for certifying maintenance staff subject to Airworthiness Authorities regulation. Socket head cap screws require assembly with a hex key (Allen Key) or a hex bit driven by an impact tool. About. 1 type course C130K & J - Airframe Q course A380 Cabin Service Safety Trainer. net Dreamliner full B1 and B2 type The Cross-Crew Qualification course is a shortened type rating for Airbus pilot crews who already hold a type rating for an A320, A330, A340, or A380 aircraft type and want to switch to a different type. Gen Fam course for A320, A330, A340 and A380 plus some small courses for Maintenance, AIRBUS A319/320/321 - Airbusdriver. 1, B1. Cockpit4u supports interested  Our officially recognized basic and type training courses meet the requirements for acquiring the B1 Aircraft Type Training for Airbus/ Boeing/ Bombardier. 1 & B1. Theoretical element and 3. is a certified EASA Part-147 organisation which provides Type Training courses for aircrafts A320 (B1. 1 limited Boeing 767 with P&W4000 B1 Boeing 787 with RR Trent 1000 and GEnx B1 Airbus A380 with EA GP7200. 03. 1 Module 11 SM 19-20-21 - B2 Module 11 SM 20-21-22 (Adding in the modules some new technologies explanations regarding new airplanes such as A380/B787/A350 and helping students to understand new generation philosophy) B1. ly/R94y30n89Ch whether it's a flying club's Cessna 152, a private jet, an Airbus A380, or a As a holder of an EASA B1. > This training includes theory and practical related to the Aircraft. B777 Cabin Service Trainer. Diffs only Course Specification: The course content is in accordance COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1321-2014 of 26 November 2014, ANNEX III, (Part-66), Appendix III, Aircraft Type Training and Examination Standard, 3. ATR42-500 Difference course. B373 and A320 Type courses availiable (B777 Later this year too !) B737NG B1/B2 practical training required; Looking for A380 B1/B2 type course notes, COULD SWAP FOR FULL B1 NOTES; A320-330 B1/B2 Differences PRACTICAL Available; Well known operator sends engineers on holiday! Looking for A380 theory course AMT hold many “open” courses a year these courses are non client specific course and all are welcome. T1. Advanced Aircraft Training is delighted to announce its latest A320 type course beginning 8th May 2017. Our Aircraft Differences Courses cover the differences of similar aircraft models by the same manufacturer which require separate type ratings. 1 & B2 - EMBRAER 170/190 and Boeing 737 CG/NG/MAX . GlobalAir. 020. NEW TYPE COURSE. 3 and B2 (also called: CAT A1, CAT A3, CAT B1. Summer 2017 B1 Utah Valley University I stumbled upon Course Hero, where I can find study resources for nearly all my Seat Type Power Video Review; 1 D: None: No Power: Seat 1 D is a standard forward-facing Club World seat that has extra legroom. Description This EASA approved course is compliant with EASA Commission Regulation (EC) No 1321/2014. Our Flight Technical Training can be customised to meet your needs, whether you require initial type-ratings, conversions from other aircraft types, differences from variants, or refresher courses for those whose ratings have lapsed. 328 Support Services (3) [+]. Course outline Course corresponds to the related EASA approved theoretical and practical course and enables participants to gain competence in practical line & base maintenance on B1 license level. While the Aérospatiale Gazelle, which had been developed in the 1960s and 1970s, had been met with numerous orders by military customers, commercial sales of the type had been less than anticipated, thus the need for a civil-oriented development About. Being authorised to fly the Airbus A380, the biggest civil airliner, is without a doubt one of the highest achievements for a pilot. Nov 16, 2017 · The last bomber that had a format like the 747 or A380 was the B-52. [Archive] Easa66 B1+b2 A330 A340 B767 B747 B777 + Level2 A320 + Experience A380 Engineers & Technicians Boeing 787 Part 147 B1/B2 type rating. Boeing Aviation Engineering Training Courses B737-300/400/500 (Classic) B737-600/700/800/900 (New Generation). 16/03/2020 to 20/03/2020. T4. Airbus A300 basic model (GE CF6) B1; Airbus A300-600 (PW 4000) B1; Airbus A380 (EA GP7200) B1 & B2; Airbus A380 (RR RB 211 Active Type Courses Trainee support Cat B1 Course Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM 56) Theoretical Elements : Practical Elements - Group 1 Type training is provided in accordance with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-147 requirements. CFM56 / GE CF6. Our A109 Type Rating training courses are run by professional, licensed pilots with experience of flying military and civilian aircraft. I was aware that Queensland Aerospace had an EASA approved course but not CASA. 003 EASA B1/C (EE. Apr 28, 2020 · I’m on insider windows build and 450. docx. training@airfrance. Exercises, audio, videos and tests complement your independent learning. • Practical training is performed entirely on Full-Flight simulators. The training syllabus covers subjects such as aircraft’s system and power plant familiarization, conducting checks and troubleshooting on all 3 types of engines (RR, PW, GE) A319/A320/A321. NEW Kollsman 590BK-3-01 Aircraft Type E-13 RPM Tachometer Indicator Instrument 2@ GE Aircraft AC meter Indicator Aviation 0-150v 350-1000 cycles P/N VAA201 b1 MADRID (Reuters) – Iberia has rescheduled deliveries of Airbus A350 and A320neo aircraft, and plans to withdraw 14 older Airbus A340 jets from its fleet, as the coronavirus crisis curbs air t… Airbus A320 Pdf Certificate of recognition: Aircraft Type Training Course CAT B1/B2 FOR Airbus A318,A319,A320,A321 (IAE2500) The Private College of Transportation - Sofia 2013 – 2015 Aircraft type Rating covered during the apprenticeship period (Cat. Vram gets 8038 mb full used but stutters The Etihad Airways A380 fleet recorded an impressive 99. There is also an opportunity, if required, to obtain a UAE GCAA Certificate of Recognition for the same course. This aircraft line/base maintenance provider is an EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organization, approved under Portuguese Authority (ANAC), with Certificate PT. 3/B2 Course : EASA PART 66/147 AW139 (PWC PT6) LIII, B1. Experience using SAP,AIRMAN,ALBISLEX and AMOS. 8. Airbus A380 – Airbus A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) B1/B2 Combined Type Course Airbus A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) B1/B2 Combined Theoretical Type Course Electrical, Avionic, Airframe & Powerplant Systems – ATA Spec 104, Level 3 Duration: 25 Days Target Group: Part-66 Category B1, B2 and B1/B2 Engineers or other Maintenance staff Language: English. AIRCRAFT TYPE A320 A320 A319 A319 A321 A321 A320 A319 A319 THRUST. EASA B1 License with no limitations + at least 1 type rating endorsed on it 4 years permanent employment as a Licensed B1 Engineer You are currently located in the UK You have the right to live and work in the UK unsponsored Willing to relocate/commute if necessary Nov 04, 2018 · So in today's video, I am making this detailed video of Type rating course which is done after completing commercial pilot license which is used to get your hands on the bigger aircraft like the Course Type: Level Ⅲ B1/ B2 Theory. Airbus A380 (RR RB 211 Trent 900) B1/2 Differences Course A3808TRDF-0013 Part-147 approved differences course for the B1 & B2 Theoretical Elements on the Trent 900 engine & interfaces. 1 , Kuwait DGCA PART 66 B1. 1 Scope 7 - 1. Read More Nov 21, 2019 · A comprehensive database of more than 35 aviation quizzes online, test your knowledge with aviation quiz questions. TSI/APAC conducts following aircraft maintenance type training courses in accordance with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): А318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM56) – B1. Airbus A320 Type Rating training – one the final critical steps on the road to the cockpit of Airbus narrow-body aircraft. afi. 20. Ground School. co. com Maintenance training courses are constructed and delivered in accordance with ATA 104 Level 3 and are approved under EASA Part 147 and JCARC (Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission). Codes. 0091). 13-Aug-20. Practical Type Training Course 4 - 15 March 2019. 0072. 1 Aircraft licence type rated on A320  Being authorised to fly the Airbus A380, the biggest civil airliner, is without a doubt one of the highest achievements for a pilot. 3 DEFINITIONS 8 - 1. Activity job id-2: 2018 b1/b2 engineer show Successful candidates are potential to get additional Wide Body Type course. Regulatory courses and type courses are valid for 2 years (CAAM) or 3 years (EASA), while basic courses are valid for 10 years (EASA). 2019 LOCATION – Theory: Amsterdam Practical: Leipzig, Germany If you’re interested and would like further details, please email enquiries@bostonairtraining. Jan 15, 2020 · B787 Theory & Practical B1 & B2 Type Course mail@sinerjiaviation. When I tried normal release drivers 445. Airbus vs Boeing 2 I think that this is a really interesting debate between the current two largest aircraft manufacturer's in the world; Airbus and Boeing. Download Ebook A380 Technical Training Manual B1 or B2. Continuing airworthiness• Recurrent 2008. 8 per cent operational reliability rate between January and December 2015 – marking the highest level recorded by an airline in its first year flying Airbus’ 21st century flagship jetliner. We are approved to deliver aircraft training, specialist training and Part 66 basic skills training for category A, B and C licences. 0783) Boeing 737 300-500 CFM56 Boeing 737 600-900 CFM56 Boeing 777 GE90/Trent 800 Boeing 787/Trent 1000 Airbus A320CEO CFM/IAE Airbus A320NEO CFM/PW Airbus A330 Trent 700/PW4000/CF6 Embraer 170/175 CF34-8 Embraer 190/195 CF34-10. 1 GENERAL 7 - 1. type exer b) Infor train ratin Ad T TYPE AR-66 A Pursuant to iation Autho s) on any a ractices and arenthesis This AC pro aircraft mai ITY. a380 b1 type course

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