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6. Engine Production Codes for 1935-1976 Engines; 1935-1964 Canadian car identification here: Serial Numbers; 1965-1966 Canadian car identification here: Serial Numbers; Canadian Buick Serial Numbers 1958-1964 GM VIN Decoder Our free VIN decoder can be used to determine everything from vehicle trim level to fuel tank capacity to crash test ratings. I've been working at a Chevy dealer for years running codes/vins. cover. A Muncie transmission differs from a Saginaw transmission in that its reverse lever is in the tail housing, not the side cover. The only way to retrive trouble codes is with a scanner such as Tech 2 , snap-on, otc or equivelent. I doubt it,but it's possible. Joined Apr 7, 2011 · 184 Posts . The information on this tag is essential for ordering the correct replacement parts. Note the transmission RPO code MD8 toward the front of this picture. Thats all there is to this one. The constants in decoding the trans ID number are the date the transmission was produced. Monster provides GM/Chevrolet transmissions for each major model of vehicle, with each transmission having available different levels of performance rating, a wide selection of options to give you the best shift on the market, and more. The serial number is a date code the transmission was built for a particular year. For example (my examples only apply  Chevrolet. 00 5th -- 0. GM Turbo 400, 65 and newer (3 speed) GM Turbo 400 Vehicle Applications. . You'll see this abbreviated in the VIN number decoder as SP No. 356 RETAINER 360806 74-79 (2nd Design) 604932 63 and 3SP 207 bea Beginning with the 1957 Chevy Corvette, this transmission was used by Ford, GM, AMC and, on a limited basis, by Chrysler in the early '60s. Jun 01, 2014 · Now the transmission wont engage any gear. 9-bolt top cover; first-gear synchronized. GM 4L70E Transmissions Custom-Built for (More) Toughness. 60 is the strength GM Power Glide 2 Speed Transmission. Note the CH suffix code which is silk screened on a metal tag. lbs. 09 n on Ω Ω Ω o/d 1st on on Ω 3. 04 - Rollerized C4 planetary system from Performance Automatic Transmissions. 5GN. Mar 23, 2009 · I can tell it's a 97 transmission. 60 is supposed to be for 600 pound feet of torque that this transmission can handle. On 1958-67 models, the tag is riveted to the firewall near the windshield (it’s vertical). The model, body style, paint color, interior color, and date of manufacture are all found on this metal tag. 14, 1955, or a 1956 transmission. 2 Speed Transmission. The THM700-R4, first used on the 1982 Chevrolet Corvette, was primarily designed for use on trucks and larger automobiles. Find your GM transmission below so you can shift like a Monster. Transmission: NV4500 (NV = New Venture) 5 speed manual with overdrive: Sources: 1993 and later Dodge 4 wheel drive with gas engines (not diesel). Serial numbers from 1963 to 1966 included only the month and day. The latest GM engineering updates provide OEM standards equal to those in new GM transmissions and components. 1, 4, 5 USA; Position 2 Transmission Interchange. My truck has the automatic 4WD button in it which if im not mistaken changes the electrical part of the trans because it uses speed sensors. From $98. Each Year has different break down for each code, a complete list would be a subject of its own. GM is not responsible for the safety or quality of independent supplier alterations. I recently bought an LT1 Caprice and I noticed that it has a shiny green metal tag on the side of it. T10 input shaft for GM T10 transmissions. First the number(s) on the trim tag is NOT a GM VIN sequence number. New transmission designs came with new, unique pan shapes, and the general shape of the pan often paints a fairly clear picture of which automatic transmission you are dealing with. The Pontiac bell housing was the same for 1956-57 with a unique interface to the Buick heavy duty 3-speed transmission. This manual can be used in collusion with any Decoding Service Parts Identification Come on man, UN0,UM7 does it really matter? How fine a point do you want/need to put on this stuff? Maybe the shop manual is wrong. The transmission was made between 1982-1992. Hot Rod Lifestyle [ July 9, 2020 ] How to Cut Pipe and Tubing by Hand ~ Exhaust Pipe and Roll Cage Cutter How To & DIY Using the ID Tag for Identification. 8L 4 Spd FWD MPRA I am looking to purchase a 1963 chevy/nova SS and cannot determine if the car is truly an SS as the cowl/trim tag has been removed. 2017-present: 10L90 - Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission (used in GM performance cars) *This transmission is part of a joint-venture between General Motors and Ford Motor Company to split development of two transmissions, a longitudinal 10-speed and transverse 9-speed. T10 7/8" cluster pin 9 7/16" long. This transmission was original designed for GEN III (24 tooth Reluctor Wheel) LS1, LS6 & Vortec engines, however it can be modified internally to work with newer GEN IV (58 Tooth Relator Wheel) LS3, LS7 & Vortec Engines. I understand the VIN Tag but need help decoding the cowl tag. D. Click (or Shift-Click) to download the first-generation Camaro Cowl Tag Decoder in zip format, version 3. GM Turbo 200 and 200C. I just picked up a 2006 4L80E for a 383/4l80E/NP205 combination I'm working on, and I'm trying to research the specifics of the transmission. The basic design and operation theory of the gearbox changed little during this period, however several design upgrades and modifications were made during the total production run. Cowl Tag Decoder A program that decodes the VIN and cowl tag information for 67-69 Camaros. What is the difference between CVT and standard automatic transmission? Find out the advantages & disadvantages of a continuously variable transmission . On the inside edge of the driver's door is a tag that lists the year of the vehicle, To decode the number, use DecodeThis. Rated at medium-duty, the T176 is stronger than its compact size may suggest. The TH400 tags are usually on the driver side of transmission. Is this correct? There are some numbers on it. And 24204250 is the part number for the early style GM case (Google). Jan 30, 2017 · The base price of the 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe without any optional equipment. V series wide ratio transmission was used 1966-'68 with 2:64 and 2:43 1st gear. In addi­tion to 3- and 4-speed manual trans­missions, Pontiac also offered 2- and 3-speed automatic transmissions. Re: Decoding transmission #"s The [70 CF] tag, is from a 1970 model w/L34 engine = 350HP/396 CID The [#311] is the julian date code, which was assembled November 7, 1969. Well you have bought another car and its time to review the VIN and Data Plates of the “new” car. 01 - Fords automatic transmission offerings. How To Identify A Gm Manual Transmission Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder Muncie 4-speed Transmission (Group 4. Cowl Tag, Vin Decode The Muncie 4-speed transmission was used with many different GM models and engine combinations from 1963-1974. Transmission fluid that has come from an overheated transmission isn't generally red; it will appear dark brown or black as a result of being exposed to high temperatures. Bus. The first tag to review is the VIN since this is the number on the title of the car. FWIW, I'm pretty sure that Goodwrench puts their own tag on them when they rebuild/remanufacture them. Jul 16, 2009 · THM700-R4 - 4 Speed transmission used in GM cars and light trucks with the 2. 02 - 3-spd ID. More info: If the L145 is on the bottom of the transmission in letters about 3/8" high, it would decode as Dec. It should show a Z on the cowl tag to be an SS but the owner says it was blacked out. Sep 18, 2012 · Body Tag Decoding The other day, I took a few photos of Wilma, one of which was of her body tag. 4- 2 Barrel Carb 5- Id tag attached to servo cover 6- 4 Barrel Carb 7- Single exhaust 8- Prefix, suffix, service #, and serial # located on ID tag attached to servo cover 9- Prefix, suffix, service #, and year located on ID tag attached to low-reverse servo cover. Feb 02, 2017 · How to clean a TH350 (gm) 3 speed transmission (degreased) - Duration: 15:58. php/30241-GM-car-and-truck-VIN-decoder-cards. The basic Muncie casting date codes are very different from other transmission manufacturers. General Motors is an innovator of automatic transmissions, introducing the Hydra -Matic in 1940. 8, 3. The T-56 six speed manual transmission has been used in a wide range of … 7A247 = Basic part number for Switch - Transmission Control Selector Neutral A = Original design (no revisions) It should be noted that the SW-653 number also identifies this part correctly, and is an additional reference number used by Ford and its suppliers. There was no Fisher Body in Canada and GM Canada chose to use the standard RPO codes (A02, M20, etc. When it comes to decoding transmission details, transmission type is the most helpful (and most obvious) datapoint you can try to capture and use along with VIN. Base Corvette Convertible (19467) – The base price of the 1972 Corvette Convertible without any optional equipment. Jun 17, 2020 · TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY 17803882 Bolt-on bell No tip tail 2CHD EBR GM-9L6-01-0545-K8 Picture not available 2CHD, 24215188 Rwd Bell = 24206952, No dust cover Case = 24207965 Tail = Valve body = 4216995 Cheese plate = ITC 5 Solenoids, 8134 Pump body = 24201073 Stator support = No input tip 24215188 Bolt-on bell No tip tail 7CLD VKR GM-9L6-01-059A-M7 The best way to identify your transmission is by the tag that is attached to one of the bolts that attaches the tail housing to the main case (example to the right). Project 253 2,758 views. Not a vehicle, but a shell. Chevrolet Automatic Transmission Identification & Description Others have a tag rivited to the case. We put a th350 transmission in Glens monte carlo today. History Division of GM to produce manual transmissions and transfer cases. Jul 05, 2016 · The Muncie was used with most performance General Motors engines. On the rear of the trans there should be a metal tag affixed to the case that looks like this: Click a year below to view the information. This Tech Tip is From the Full Book, … PATC GM Performance Transmissions, TH400, 700R4, 4L60E, 4L80E, 6L80E, 200-4R and others. Raise your car in a secure manner and note what is on the ID tag. 1968. 51 Trim Tag: Second set of six digit numbers. The Defective Eight-Speed Automatic Transmissions (GM 8L90 and 8L45) power, but it's being tag-teamed by the unholy GM duo of a lazy. If the year of your Chevelle falls between 1968-1972 then the location of the VIN code tag will be on top of the dashboard on the driver side of the The body tag on your car contains important information for the restorer. 1 3. 5L MFI Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 5: 1- Located on right front corner of case beneath converter 2- Located on right rear vertical surface of oil pan 3-Stamped on Id plate with year, serial # 4- Located on rear flange of governor cover 5- Production day, shift built, transmission model and model year are stamped on the 1-2 accumulator cover in the middle right side of case * Chevrolet Torque-Drive is a NewGMParts. This tag is normally under the second bolt from the top on the left side of the transmission. Moreover, you can find there not only the serial number but some useful pieces of advice, for example, the oil changing schedule or some other instructions. 1 = Chevrolet: 64 = Impala, 8 cylinder (hint: if these two numbers are even, they represent an 8 cylinder car, whereas if they are odd, it means it has a 6 cylinder). Aug 28, 2018 · I've searched both the web and this site and I can't seam to decode the identification code for a 4l60e trans I picked up at a junkyard. 3 Make of car: 1 = Chevrolet. - Duration: 7:09. 4″. As with production statistics, Canadian Corvair owners are in a better situation. U series had 34 teeth driven by 18 on the cluster. 1L, SFI, V6, GM MN4: Transmission - AUTO 4 SPD, HMD, 4T40-E MX0: Merchandised Transmission - AUTO PROVISIONS, O/D NC1: Exhaust System - CALIFORNIA, LEV (NOTE: NOT TO BE USED AFTER 2007 MDL YR FOR DOMESTIC NAO PASS CAR & LT DUTY TRUCKS) The Trim tag is located on the driver side "A" pillar, just outside of the dash area. It is used to identify when the car was built and how the car (body) was originally fitted out, what type of seats, colors, etc. 03 - The Ford transmissions to avoid. 0L 4 Spd FWD B7ZA / M7ZA CL 2001-06 V6 3. If there is a code that is mising please E-mail me and i'll add it ASAP. GM FWD Transmission ID Charts. How to Identify T5 5 Speed Transmissions. Start here or select a year from below. Fig. Identification of the THM700-R4 automatic transmission is accomplished by locating visual clues separating it from other GM and Chevrolet automatic transmissions and by decoding the information found on the identification tag. 1G1. Serial Number Decoding Chart 1942 - 1957 . In this set the first 2 digits are the Camaros birthday but the last four digits are unknown at this time. PATC builds GM performance transmissions in many levels. Carter also produced carburetors with O. 15:58. Any tag decipherers here? Can't find much info online yet. GM 27 463011 on the case, GM 38 3952645 The Tag The Borg Warner T-5 is generally identified by a 1352-xxx number stamped on a metal tag on a tail housing bolt. Summary Casting and Part Numbers. calibrations with the Carter numbering system, which is 4 numbers followed by the letter “S” on the quadrajets: 7028219: Prefix code. Decoding a VIN tag can seem like quite a daunting task. 00 . Also check out the store to save some money on your restoration project. It has become the most popular, most sought-after, and most studied GM engine of  25 Jun 2012 The following charts can be useful guides for transmission identification when it comes to older GM automatics and 4-speed manual gearboxes. CK was only used on 1946 1st series trucks, I don't think you have a 1942 truck. 3L 4 Spd FWD B6VA CL 1996-00 V6 3. Identifying The Muncie Muncie four-speeds were produced in two different ratios: the wide ratio (M20) and the close-ratio (M21). 1969-1986. I hate to see you get bogged down by these super trivial issues. 7L LS6 2001-2204 and vin code E 7. P0101 would indicate January 1st. Below is a sample ID Tag. c5 cl. 1981-1990. Sonnax Transmission Company 2 Imtec Lane, Bellows Falls, VT 05101 Fig. gmtruckclub. Pre-67 Example: C213N - (C = Cleveland Powerglide, February 13, Night Shift) REFERENCE : TRANSMISSION I. For those not in the know on this, the body tag is a smallish, embossed, metal tag with lots of information about the car it’s riveted to. A diagram of the transmission pan gasket showing the orientation of the 16 bolts that hold it to the transmission main case: The left side of a 1991 TH-700R4: Another left side picture: This right side pic is of an '89 and later 700R4. 49 5. It is a good transmission when well maintained and has often been adapted to V8 and V6 power. Casting numbers are most commonly used to identify manual transmissions, especially in older GM vehicles, while the transmission pan is most often used to identify automatic GM transmissions. 0L LS7 2005-2010 and later. The second position is a letter indicating the month the box was built. 75 Rev -- 3. What Engine,Transmission,Rear gears and so on. CHEVROLET (341). GM Manual Transmission Identification; GM Body Trim Tag Decoding; GM Vin Decoding; GiottoPress by Enrique Chavez GM changed its naming nomenclature into a universal standard across all of its product line. Trim Tags. Finding manufacture recorded data on a pre-1981 model can be downright intimidating. 4-bolt side cover with  The Muncie 4-speed transmission was used with many different GM models and engine combinations from 1963 through 1974. T. This page lists online resources for the 62 - 79 Chevrolet Chevy II / Nova. Really it is a lot easier to ID a transmission visually compared to the alternative of decoding it, but it is reasonable to try and understand exactly what you have. Model. ) on the body tag. The tag has several codes on it, which consisted of the full transmission code with Julian date code, application code, model year and serial number of the transmission. He also says on the original title it shows the model as Nova which he A small metal tag is affixed to the passenger side of the transmission just above the pan rail. TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY 8682062 4x4 24203370 case 5CKP EVY GM-9L8-01-04AN-H9 Picture not available 5CKP, 4x4 Case = 24203370, Married oil tubes, No top center bolt, Blue tag Valve body = , temp sensor, solenoids, " tube Cheese plate = , Pump body = 24203779 Stator support = Output shaft = 32 splines 4x4 24203370 case 6BJP GM-9L8-01-02Q5-F1 Picture Nov 22, 2014 · GMC vehicles, along with all other GM makes, have the interior color codes on the Service Parts Identification sticker. light duty trucks for 1991. Although the basic design, case, and internal operation were the same, three different ratio gear sets were available in GM applications. 3, V6, Chevrolet built 305, 350 and 454 engines from 1982 to 1992. For all your OEM GM part needs, please use our website or call 877-498-7278 NewGMParts. The last six VIN digits are the sequence production numbers. Oct 20, 2011 · THM700-R4 - 4 Speed transmission used in GM cars and light trucks with the 2. This is a computer controlled transmission first introduced in G. $18. The TH400 tags are usually on the  How to identify and decode chevrolet transmissions. 44:1; 3rd 1. Some T-10's were Super T-10's with aluminum main bodies. It is against the law to alter this tag, but there are always ads on the internet of people wanting to sell a set of tags. The Hurst wheels are painted "Argent", which looks darn close to chrome to me. Cadillac. According to some sources, the 1352-249 tag indicates the Ford Motorsports "T5z" transmission, which was specially built for racing applications. Case Stamped is 6KCD027N. com to make finding the right auto parts easier. Pages highlighting differences in decals, rims, interiors and more. Read the vehicle Owner's Manual for important feature limitations and information. 501 ~ May 16, 1967 (501st day from January 1, 1966) CC ~ 396 (325hp) 67 ~ 1967 13884 ~ Transmission serial number. Canada. 2 Manufacturer: G = GM. com or call your local dealership and  Transmission Identification Guide. If you find that your transmission fluid isn't maintaining its red color, then it is time to get your car in for repair. Aftermarket building techniques take it well past that figure. Decoding a Muncie Transmission. What do you want to do with the car? Do you want to make it faster/quicker? We The date code follows standard Ford date decoding. GM Turbo 400 TH400 Transmission 3 Speed Transmission. Great information on General Motors automatic transmission parts. Aug 08, 2013 · You can think of this trans as basically a TH400 with a 25 percent overdrive tacked on. “We snagged a totally complete 1986 SE out of a junkyard for $400, but once we got it home we noticed the tag on the keys was from the GM Desert Proving Ground in Mesa, and on the back was a General Motors transmissions can be identified by casting numbers, manufacturing codes, and the shape and number of bolts on the transmission pan. 65 - 67 Options Production Totals (PDF Download, Great Info) There should be an M70 on the tag if the vehicle’s stock transmission is a 4L70E. N. On the rear of the trans there should be a metal tag affixed to the case that looks like this: Click a year below to view the  For a bit of background knowledge, vehicle transmissions are either manual or automatic. It contains info for the build date, interior trim color codes, and external paint codes. Transmis­sions were sourced from Muncie, Saginaw, GM’s Hydra-Matic Division, and even Dearborn (Ford). If the year of your Chevelle falls between 1964-1967 then the location of the VIN code tag will be on the driver sides front hinge piller or A-piller. The Tag The Borg Warner T-5 is generally identified by a 1352-xxx number stamped on a metal tag on a tail housing bolt. This was one of General Motors editions of the Hydramatic transmission series. 42 2nd -- 2. license from General Motors Corp, Service & Operations License Agreement Number 0510718. The NV4500 transmission identification tag is attached to the shifter top cover. GMC. 781 Bottom of tag: M35 May 10, 2010 · How to decifer Glove Box Parts Identification Tag? Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by Chucktown Mako , May 10, 2010 . 1976-1987. Before we get into further explanations of Casting Numbers, if you are trying to decipher the VIN plate on the Trucks Drivers Side Door Jamb, you can get that information on our History Page Here. GM Turbo 2004R (2004R Transmission) Overdrive Transmission. 9″ long – equivalent to a manual transmission of 15. 60 is the strength Thanks to the similarities between the M20, M21 and M22 transmissions, you can use a combination of Muncie 4-speed transmission parts to build the transmission you want for your project car. This transmission was developed and produced by General Motors/Hydramatic. Transmission Type. d As with production statistics, Canadian Corvair owners are in a better situation. Decoding Service Parts Identification Come on man, UN0,UM7 does it really matter? How fine a point do you want/need to put on this stuff? Maybe the shop manual is wrong. Drivetrain Decoding Engine, transmission, and axle decoding information is in the Drivetrain Decoding section. It is also a unique number, and changes due to specific equipment options on a given So K306 would be Nov, 30th, 1956, or a 1957 transmission and D47 would be Apr, 4th, 1957, also a 1957 transmission. Transmission serial number may be found in the manual. begin with 400,001. Buick. GM TH400 Automatic Transmission. 4L60 means 4 forward speeds, L = longitudily mounted (rear wheel drive). Plates Jan 19, 2019 · Warning: Issues with the decoding are related to year/model combinations. W04. This transmission is known more commonly by the name TH400 , although it did receive another name change in the late 80s , adopting the name 3L80. Though it only holds a candle to the truck style four-speeds' strengths and capabilities, the T176 is frequently retained in CJ Jeeps when married to mild GM V6 and V8 power. CHART BORG-WARNER T-10, SUPER T-10, FORD/MERCURY (411) 9 bolt curved bottom side cover BORG-WARNER T-10, GM AS-3 (410) 9 bolt curved bottom side cover BORG-WARNER T-10, FORD/MERCURY (414) 9 bolt curved bottom side cover NEW PROCESS, MOPAR B-BODY (422) 10 bolt side cover Jun 13, 2017 · The Muncie four-speed transmission was heralded by many as an “indestructible” four speed used by General Motors, and found its way into many different car models, behind various engine combinations between 1963 and 1974. Automatic transmission engine codes are in plain type, and Torque-Drive codes are italicized. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE VARIOUS 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E TRANSMISSIONS? Serial & VIN Decoding Serial numbers for Muncie 4 speeds always begin with the letter "P". 27 Oct 2015 The TH400 transmission date decoding. 1, 4. Chevrolet. 4L60 - Early 1990's saw the 700R4 renamed to the 4L60, and "electronic" models were named 4L60E. Some of the most popular car applications were the Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Caprice, and Impala, just to name a few. And, sorry, no pics. Decoding is as simple as looking up the RPO codes in the assembly manual or dealer ordering information. So, in summary, the 700r4 transmission was a 4-geared hydraulic automatic transmission with the 4th gear which was an overdrive gear (30% increase). By 1963, GM and Chrysler developed their own replacement four-speeds (based in part on components of the T-10); however, Ford and AMC continued to use this transmission for quite a while afterward. com! How to identify your 4T65E transmission by reading the ID tag GM Muncie 4-Speed Decoding The Muncie 4-speed transmission was used with many different GM models and engine combinations from 1963 through 1974. 95 . The TH400 is conservatively rated at 450 ft. Decoding the 1983 Camaro VIN. Will these tell me anything about the car or the transmission General consensus is leaning toward the M21 4-speed transmission however one July 1967 L78 Chevelle from Kansas City shows "L" on the trim tag and various paperwork with the car clearly indicates an M21 4-speed. M. sol a sol b sol c sol d sol e sol f 1000 2000 p on Ω Ω Ω r on Ω Ω 4. Remember, the year breaks around the end of August, early September. Decoding the ID Code on the tag shown above shows that the box was installed in 1965-1966 Mustangs, so the first digit '6' means the box was assembled in 1966. Second you have too many digits, sequence numbers are 6 digits long and for 1974 Chevelles/El Caminos/Monte Carlos in the U. Automatic Transmission Identification: The easiest method of GM automatic transmission identification is to examine the pan. A casting number is a raised number which is cast into the block, cylinder head, transmission case, differential housing and many other cast iron parts. Be sure not to remove the I. use ctrl-f to search . Most of the time you'll find it in the glove box, but it could also be on the driver side door pillar, OR in the spare tire well. 6L 4 Spd FWD CA / P1 Integra 1990 L4 1. ) The 4th position tells us what transmission family it belongs to. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its  This tag has various vehicle information that includes, the country of origin, year of manufacture, engine type, and the transmission. You can determine the type of transmission from the 4 large alpha-numeric characters on the transmission's ID tag. In addition to the stamped plates shown above, there are other places where the VIN is stamped: Starting with about car # 100, the VIN was stamped into the right front frame rail on cars for the North American market. GM also has a NV4500, but most adapter kits only support the Dodge version. You will find there’s large inventory of completed rebuilt T10 Manual Transmissions plus transmission parts. The TH400 is an automatic shift, three-speed, longitudinally positioned transmission. Brakes, Trim, Transmission, Axles, Engines code Description code Description Code Description B02 9x2. 60 . The 68-71 Borg Warners have a tag attached to the case of the transmission above the pan which carries the vendor number and the AMC Part Number for the application. The trim tag is not a legal piece of information. You'd have to check your VIN tag (not the Fisher Body number plate) for the buid sequence number. In addition, you can also check the title records and accidents by clicking Check History. This is Chevrolet VIN Decoder. com GM RPO Codes MidsizeBowties Network: MidsizeBowties Smog-Era Rocket100! Dodge R/T History Alternate MGB VIN stamp locations. 4 Car Line or Series: Y = Y-body series (Corvette) Automatic Transmission Application Guide . The two numbers before the two or three letter code usually denotes the model year. Every Chevrolet car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. GM RWD Torque Converters. Your choice of tooth count: From $166. I. Decoding the Tags . GM 4WD NV4500 (1992-94) During the first two years of the NV4500, Chevy offered this 5 speed with a 6. 1 V6 is not included in the list, however it was used on El Dorada and some Cadillac models. Even amongst modern automobiles, the endless strings of alpha-numeric codes form a never-ending web of information.   Welcome to European Transmissions Your Partner for re-manufactured automatic-transmissions for all European cars, fully Dyno tested and delivered with our one year warranty !Delivering an high annual volume of re manufactured automatic transmissions we are one of the largest independent re-manufacturer of European transmissions. 1971? I doubt it!!! Dodge ID Tag GM ID TAG. GM Turbo 2004R Blog - Everything You Wanted to Know About the GM LS Engine Family. US. The assembly date and application code is stamped on the right side of transmission oil pan. 2L 4 Spd FWD A6VA CL 1998-99 L4 2. May 09, 2013 · The Chevy OD trans has 8741357 13 GM on the side cover. Hello. It featured additional forward and reverse clutches, a recalibrated valve body for a more positive (harder) shift and other performance improvements. This is a list of tag numbers that decode the transmission. Sequence Number = Code Description. 1st line: 11837 1-6-15 2nd line: Style 232032 Line 3: Body No. Jan 30, 2018 · ’10-Later GM. But 1986-90 had 15 digit codes. 95 Aug 16, 2016 · GM RPO Codes -- What are they? Where are they? GM places a sticker inside the glove box of its vehicles which list the options on the vehicle. Someone is selling a tranny that they claim is a 200-4r out of a Buick Grand National, but I'm having a heck of a time decoding the tag (KCF at top, full number Jan 13, 2017 · This is episode 004 of Transmission Parts ID, In this video we exploresome of the differances in the chevy 4l60e transmission bellhousing. 4532281 is a valid part number for a V6 auto OD transmission used in vans, full sized pickups and Dakotas for the 1989 model year after 1/26/1989. It was also the first year that Chevy changed the bellhousing-to-transmission bolt pattern. Jul 22, 2012 · Can anyone decode the following 700R4 code number? I would like to know if I have the year correct and that it is a 700R4 transmission, what make and model vehicle it came from along with what engine it was pared with? Serial # 9TUM265B on passenger side bottom rear of the case. Now, for the the purpose of this guide there are two different ways that GM printed the the serial label. The tag provides the transmission model number, build date, and part number. 2010 Impala vin code K is a 3. The 442 and Hurst wheels are different. Below is a complete list of the General Motors Regular Production Option(RPO) Codes. The following listing is most of the GM Production Options. d, 110hp 2-bbl V6 H = 305 c. The DSO blank is interesting. Firstly, there are 13 digits which suggests a transmission from 1982-85. Part numbers and casting numbers are pretty much the same when it comes to "hard parts". This means that most Chevy transmissions that you find will only have 6 holes in the transmission bell. The 1st position is the Year Model of the transmission. In 1942 04 stands for the 4th month April, same as the letter D stands for the 4th month April on 1946 trucks. Beginning with the 1957 Chevy Corvette, this transmission was used by Ford, GM, AMC and, on a limited basis, by Chrysler in the early '60s. The VIN is 30437K160854 and is a 400 series sport coupe. NV4500 Transmission Identification. c2 cl. While Ford used aluminum for these tags, GM used steel which is prone to rusting. • There is an ID tag on the side of the transmission which can be decoded with the identifier below. 1962-1973. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL OTHER CHEVROLET ENGINE CODES LISTED: Manual transmission engine codes are in bold type, and automatic transmission engine codes are in regular type. A 350 cubic inch, 200 horsepower engine, 4-speed wide ratio manual transmission, vinyl interior trim, and T-tops were included in the base price. Such as the 4. Midwest Transmission Center is an Automotive Re-builder and Re-manufacturer We Can Help You With Your T10 Manual Transmission. The plate will have a two- or three-letter transmission code in large letters, and then a 13- or 14-digit identification number along the bottom: The ManuMatic and TCM920 are standalone controllers for the GM 4 speed automatics. it shows that GM used a two figure numbering system to indicate the month in which the truck was assembled instead of a letter, as they did in 1946. So in our VIN number decoding example the vehicle was assembled in Pontiac Michigan, based on "E" being the eleventh digit. Once you sign in, follow these instructions to access our Repair Guides. 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ----- Transmission Identification Information (1) Transmission ID Location (2) SRTA Tag Location (3) Hydra-Matic 4T60-E SRTA Tag (4) Model (5) Model Year (6 Milder GM cars used Saginaw or Borg-Warner four-speeds. Another option is to grab your   How to Run the Numbers on a Chevrolet/GMC Truck. 1st Digit Jun 11, 2015 - Chevy transmission code identification chart: 4l60e 4l65e 4l80e From 1967 on, the ID number contained the transmission type or plant prefix, Date (coded below) and a shift code. 0L L69 4bbl 190 horse High-Output "HO") [3223 sold], a 3. 71:1; 4th 1:1 ratio, and a 27% overdrive. From what I've gathered online, I believe this means that it is a GM reman. In my case it is '71'. com is a specialized wholesale distributor of genuine GM OEM replacement parts and accessories. Chevrolet Chevy II - Nova Online resources for the 62 - 79 Chevy II - Nova. Below is a guide to help decipher it's meaning. 1 indicates Chevrolet. Feb 19, 2011 · Cowl Tag, Trim Tag or Body Number Plate Decoding The Cowl or Trim tag is FISHER BODYS representation of the BODY. Free VIN lookup tool checks and automatically decodes the year, make, model and engine of your car on AutoZone. 5" front drums 72 C34 front seat shield D36 HD 727-A 69-71 B05 10x2. PATC is on the cutting edge of performance rear wheel drive American transmission development. Please note that the original service intervals may not reflect the standard service intervals used in current automobile engines. In a way, the Ford tag is more informative than GM’s. after researching ive come to the conclusion its the wrong model 4L60e. 00L : SECONDARY COLOR, EXTERIOR, PRIME Example for a 1984 Regal Grand National: 1G4AK479XEH400001:1 = Manufacturing Country (USA)G = Manufacturer (GM)4 = Division (1 = Chevy, 2 = Pontiac, 3 = Oldsmobile, 4 = Buick, 5 = GMC, 6 = Cadillac)A The 15 x 7 GM Chrome Oldsmobile wheels that came on the 442 and Hurst in the 1980's is GM part #22528518, about $300. It may be identified by a tag attached to the P. Transmission VIN Stamping. Later when GM used this transmission, the tooth count was changed to a stronger 30 driven by 16. It is set up with a roughly stock 350, and I'm hoping to swap out the current TH350 for the overdrive. TRIM TAG CHART C2 1963-1967 Corvette Interior Color Name Interior Color Name Year(s) Application MAM Color Number GM Trim Tag Color Number Vinyl Leather BLACK Black 1963-1967 976 Std/Blk 898A, 402 BLUES Dark Blue 1963 311 490A-CPE, 490B-CON Blue 1964-1966 311 490BA, 414, 418 898JA, 415, 419 Bright Blue 1966, 1967 299 414 415 Teal Blue 1967 321 : GM Genuine Parts offers Original Equipment (OEM) Powertrain and Collision Auto Parts for your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac car or truck. Let's Run the chevrolet truck vin decode decoder vin number Here is a pic of our Transmission ID Tag. 1L, SFI, V6, GM MN4: Transmission - AUTO 4 SPD, HMD, 4T40-E MX0: Merchandised Transmission - AUTO PROVISIONS, O/D NC1: Exhaust System - CALIFORNIA, LEV (NOTE: NOT TO BE USED AFTER 2007 MDL YR FOR DOMESTIC NAO PASS CAR & LT DUTY TRUCKS) Mar 24, 2011 · GM keeps VIN Data cards from model year '72 through '11 in a database system, as a way of helping dealers' service departments decode VIN-plate data. 1GC.  If you are looking for a re manufactured From the 1920's through the 1960's GM used a casting date system to identify the date when a part was made. The details on the tag are as follows. The transmission typically has pinned flare & o-ring fittings on the passenger side for a cooling circuit. S. GM Turbo 350 and 350C (TH350 Transmission) 3 Speed Transmission. This number contains vital information about the vehicle, such as model, year of production, manufacturer, country and plant of assembly, type of engine, and more. It’s a 6 cylinder Camaro – regardless of what the tag says. The four main supporting bearings in  30 Jan 2017 C3 VIN Decoder · C3 Order Guides · C3 RPO Codes · C3 Production Stats · C3 Build Beyond the realignment of GM's engine program, there were virtually no other notable 1972 Corvette Manual Transmission/Gear Ratios Turbo Hydra- matic Automatic – Name plate tag on right-hand side of case. 4L60E GM Remanufactured transmissions with free torque converter and 2 year warranty. Installing a 4L70E transmission isn’t a plug-and-play job; you need the right power-train control module to communicate Decode your engine transmission and body tags By The Numbers: Check out our new tag decoding information! Decoding GM Body Tags Decoding GM V. E. The same sources indicate that 1352-251 is the same transmission as a 1352-249, except assembled by Tremec after Borg-Warner stopped production. It’s informative, but not definitive. The "paper" tag has a different part number (?) of 24227717. Required. 5" front drums 72 C52 Bench seats D36 727-b Torqueflite 72 up B06 Skid Control ABS C55 Bucket seats D41 HD clutch Convertible Serial Numbers: 194675S100001 - 194675S123562 Coupe Serial numbers: 194375S100001 - 194375S123562 The "Vehicle Identification Number" (also VIN or serial number) is located on a stainless steel plate welded to the right side hinge pillar cross-brace under the glove box. Aug 04, 2010 · I'm trying to decode a 700r4 transmission. i. 1940 - 1946 Series Decoding your Pre-1981 GM VIN. The input shaft has 30 splines. The body tag on your car contains vital information for the restorer. This is information such as model type, restraint types, body type, engine, and transmission. Take for example the common 4L60E: “4”means that it has four forward gears. GM VIN Decoder Our free VIN decoder can be used to determine everything from vehicle trim level to fuel tank capacity to crash test ratings. P stands for Muncie. Discussion Starter New or remanufactured GM transmission assemblies are engineered and built specifically for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles. There are many differences in the GM transmissions over Popular Automatic Transmission Identification Chart. The 4L60-E is GM's successful continuation of the ever- improving  Hydra-Matic 4L65-E is a heavy-duty automatic transmission designed to harness performance engines on the street and strip. GG Line 5: Trim. com/forum/ showthread. (Our research shows that 1972 is the first The Jet-A-Way was the only automatic available for the 65 & 66 4-4-2's. There is a pad on the passenger side of the transmission where the 45 degree angle part of the case (where the inspection cover attaches)meets the vertical part that attaches to the engine block that should contain a partial VIN number for the car. finally, the engine, transmission and rear axle markings tell where the unit was made or assembled, when it was made, what the specific GM Division Model Series Body Code Assembly Plant Sequence # 67 = 1967: 1 = Chevrolet: 11 = Chevy II 100, L4 13 = Chevy II 100, L6 14 = Chevy II 100, V8 What is a VIN? VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number and, since 1981, is expressed as a 17-character serial number. Dec 09, 2009 · GM Muncie 4-Speed Decoding The Muncie 4-speed transmission was used with many different GM models and engine combinations from 1963 through 1974. By 1983 Ford started using them in the Mustang, GM had them in the F body There is also a TAG ID program. You’ll also find OE transmission assemblies for Saturn, HUMMER, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile vehicles. This tag will be found attached to one of the bolts securing the tail shaft housing to the main case. I still have my Mustang’s door tag memorized from when I was a kid, as I decoded that car when I was probably 12. 1G4. May 08, 2020 · A Cadillac VIN decoder that allows you to lookup options, model, year, engine, transmission, and specifications. 3 Speed Transmission. tag during the conversion. Most transmissions originally installed in Chevrolet vehicles from the 1962 model year on should have a VIN  10 Feb 2020 Decode a VIN number, find out what it means. Any transfer case that was built by New Process Gear will be included in the New Venture transfer case line for pur-poses of this article. You can see it when you open the door. The six cylinder and smaller V8s (290/304) use the light duty aluminum case transmission, while the 343, 360, 390 and 401 use the cast iron case transmission. Having issues figuring out problems or repairing your T10 4 Speed stick shift we can help. It doesn’t matter whether it is an electronic or a paper manual, all the information required is stored there for sure. I don't have a 1990 parts book to verify the number carried over into 1990. The 2nd and 3rd positions determine the model of the transmission (4L60E & 6L80E ect. Second and Third numbers indicate series: 31 Chevelle 300 series or El Camino 6 Cylinder 32 Chevelle 300 series or El Camino 8 Cylinder 33 Chevelle 300 Deluxe, El Camino or Wagon 6 Cylinder 34 Chevelle 300 Deluxe, El Camino or Wagon 8 Cylinder 35 Malibu, Custom El Camino or Wagon 6 Cylinder 36 RPOcodes. This identified the model year, engine type, date, and transmission serial number. Other locations for theft identification: Engine Block Deck, Transmission, Left Rear Inner Frame Rail, Right Forward Inner Frame Rail. GM 4L80E technical information The 4L80E transmission is a four speed automatic with torque converter clutch. Identification: The NV4500 has a cast iron case with a single piece, aluminum, bolt-on top cover with shifter. 6L90 Remanufactured Valve Body GM6L90E ’06–’09 GM. 02; Max Gearbox Torque: 494 ft-lbs . Enter the codes from your vehicle in the free decoder below to see what those cryptic codes mean. T10 Cluster Gear GM / Ford. 68. c4 cl. At least it tells you the original drivetrain. In Summary, Fisher body doesn't care if this is a Camaro or a Firebird. Engine Type/Size Step 1: Locate the VIN tag on your Chevelle. 56 g31 : special rear spring g32 : rear springs g33 : rear spring, left side g34 : rear spring, right side Muncie metal trim tag identification Decoding/Numbers » 69 Z/28 NOR 07A Orig Block & GM Cross-ram/carbs 69 L34 Rest. The 1st position is the Year Model of the   GM Transmissions. The transmission has a square oil pan. 34:1 1st gear; 2nd 3. If you could obtain a simple "Manual" or "Automatic" for all of your inventory data, this would take your Model Year 2010-2015 match rate from ~80% to ~99%! Muncie Transmission Casting Numbers - Muncie Casting Numbers Front Bearing Retainer 4. 6 Transmission identification THM 700-R4 Access our Chevrolet Full Size Cars 1979-1989 Transmission Repair Guide by creating an account or signing into your AutoZone Rewards account. Chevy Camaro Pictures and Information including VIN, RPO Codes, 1979 Trim Tag, cowl tag, Engine and Protect-o-plate decoding decode rpocodes. Mar 04, 2007 · here is an offical GM ID ill ask round tomorrow at work what you may run into between a 96 install in a 95 this is for ID purposes only. Engine Identification; Corvair Engine Numbers; Corvair Head Numbers; Corvair Options. These numbers give the vehicle its identity. * GM Transmission lengths & oil pan * Automatic transmission operating temps * TH350/TH400 Speedometer Gears. Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting numbers, transmission, interior codes, and paint codes. CHART REFERENCE 4-SPEED TRANSMISSION I. of input torque. Dec 28, 2005 · Visually Identifying a 1960's or '70's GM engine; Big Block Buick Casting Numbers; Decoding US and Canadian Buicks; U. Jan 17, 2013 · We did some quick sleuthing and matched some of your tag numbers to Chevy/GMC trucks made in the mid- to late-1980s, using the GM Turbo-Hydramatic 400 (Commonly abbreviated as TH400 or THM400) 3-speed automatic transmission. I don't have the center cap number. GM shortened the package to 21. This position is an identifier of the country or final assembly of the vehicle. Often this circle is blank. Go to: http://www. What you see is what you get and that trumps the tag too. One of the greatest problems fac-ing the transmission rebuilder and parts suppliers in the last decade or so is the On the passenger side at the front edge of the maincase there is a small metal tag with a HEH or RUG number. They need to know what color to paint the thing and what style & color interior to put into it. 1 Country of Origin: 1 = USA. We are making the assumption that your vehicle has the original type transmission that was installed at the factory. Global Transmission Parts also ships high quality GM transmission parts to our commercial customers fast! LG8: Engine - GAS, 6 CYL, 3. In 1958 and later years, Pontiac used the "standard" transmission interface used also by Chevy and other GM makes. 1929 - 1939 Series Id Passenger Cars & Trucks . Google and Bing get me nowhere. # 0n white tag/sticker left side of bell housing 9TUM. I. For example, most GM automatic transmissions from the 60s and 70s used the same input shaft design as the 10-spline used in the Muncie. HOW TO DECODE CADILLAC VIN. correct? The transmission that replaced the original one is a (9LUD). Some vehicles use a clutch to connect and disconnect the transmission  The 4L60 is the latter model 700R4 transmission, only the name changed, if you think you may have a 700R4 look here to identify it. Jul 14, 2020 · Missing Entry: Corvette Z06, vin code S 5. OS or 0S Line 4: Paint 9. If you are not sure how to distinguish between an M20, M21, or M22 Muncie, knowing what to look for can be tricky. 1965 Corvair Fisher Body Build Tags (Covers What Each Position of the Body Tag Indicates) Corvair Casting Numbers. The 4L60E transmission was widely available in a large number of GM truck, van, and SUV applications, as well as in rear-wheel drive car applications. Locate the transmission, attached to the back of the engine. Those are those big long codes (C7ZZ-6540544-DR, etc) that you find that identify every Ford part made. As mentioned above,Go to the below link, A forum community dedicated to all General Chevrolet transmission bellhousing bolt pattern and dimensions, note that while Chevy retained the center peak, they have not actually used the top hole since the 1960s. It shows where the Cadillac was made. 000) - Casting Numbers. Ford led the design of the 10-speed transmission, as well as filing the box 44 = engine harness. Frames * Chevelle Frames. Now this is a rebuilt transmission for General Motors with another … read more Transmission Identification GM Justin Rogers 2011-06-23T15:57:40-06:00 This page is designed to assist you in identifying the transmission installed in your vehicle. These options are also known as the RPO codes. T10 cluster gear for GM & some Ford T10 transmissions. tripleedgeperformance. FORD (336). The Turbo 400 automatic transmission has the application and date codes stamped on a metal tag riveted to the passenger’s side of the transmission case. TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY 8682062 4x4 24203370 case 5CKP EVY GM-9L8-01-04AN-H9 Picture not available 5CKP, 4x4 Case = 24203370, Married oil tubes, No top center bolt, Blue tag Valve body = , temp sensor, solenoids, " tube Cheese plate = , Pump body = 24203779 Stator support = Output shaft = 32 splines 4x4 24203370 case 6BJP GM-9L8-01-02Q5-F1 Picture May 08, 2020 · A free GMC VIN decoder that allows you to lookup options, model, year, engine, transmission, and specifications. $21. The 4 stands for 4 speed, L is for Longitudinal (for a rear wheel drive vehicle), and 60 is the torque capacity. The 4L60E (and similar 4L65E) is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. 1968-72 models moved to the cowl panel under the hood near the windshield Decoding Your VIN Transmission ID tag codes and applications . 1942 - 1952 Serial # Tag. Starting 1980-up, GM used a 4-digit ID sticker located on the converter body to help identify it. But CTF (namely the addition of 'F' to the two letter code) suggests this is a 1986-90 transmission. The 442 wheels are painted gold on the inside around the lug-nuts. Otherwise, on its own, there’s no way to tell from external appearances alone. 1GT. The main difference between a Muncie and a Borg-Warner is that the Muncie has a 7-bolt side cover (two less bolts than a Borg-Warner unit has). 1984 Chevrolet Camaro: A hydraulic clutch is introduced on all manual transmission vehicles. Sequence Production Numbers. Tech info, reviews and FAQs for popular GM automatic transmissions. The TH400 transmission date decoding. NOTE: Some very early 65,s use a TH400 style metal tag with Jet-A-Way codes Sep 01, 2003 · Some of these codes have been decoded on Chevrolet and Pontiac vehicles, while Buick and Olds are still a mystery. The C6 The C6 is to the C4 what the GM Turbo 400 is to the Turbo 350. The 4L80E transmission was mostly used in 34- and 1-ton trucks and larger SUV applications beginning in 1991. GM Power Glide. Casting dates are a series of raised letter-number combinations. The Trim tag is located on the driver side "A" pillar, just outside of the dash area. com is owned and operated by New Auto Parts, Inc. Years. We work with different manufacturers in the development of stronger parts. However, please note that we have limited data for older vehicles. The following types of equipment have been listed on data plates that have been decoded: tinted glass, transmission, console, air conditioning, radio, mirrors, rear defroster, seat belts, and bumper guards. 2L 5 Spd FWD MGFA / BGFA Integra 1986-89 L4 1. Chrysler, Ford, and GM Transmissions. 73 rear axle ration and a 5 speed manual transmission or the 4 speed 700R4 automatic. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. 1968-72 models moved to the cowl panel under the hood near the windshield I am looking for an overdrive transmission to use in my current hot rod project. Mexico. The VIN trumps the tag. The first position is a number indication the Year of build. It is widely regarded to be a supremely durable and legendary transmission. GM changed its naming  This is the Chevrolet VIN decoder. This is a GM publication, but the information is applicable to the Ford transmission 2nd digit: G = General Motors 3rd digit: GM line number: 1 = Chevrolet 4th digit: Restraint system: A = Non-passive B = Automatic belts C = Inflatable restraint 5th digit: Series number: P = Camaro Sport Coupe S = Camaro Berlinetta 6th & 7th digit: Body style: 87 = Sport Coupe 8th digit: Engine code: A = 231 c. Every Chevrolet has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). J. LG8: Engine - GAS, 6 CYL, 3. If there is a “6” like the new “6L80E”, then it is If it looks like "A8 o MM" then it was produced by Carter ,Carter produced millions of quadrajets with original numbers under license from GM. , an independent reseller of General Motors automotive parts and accessories. Designed for longitudinal engine configurations, the series includes 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. Transmission Identification Charts ACURA Model Year Engine Trans Type Transmission CL 1996-97 L4 2. This list includes some GM transmissions. The transmission identification is on a plate on the right side of the case towards the tailshaft. 3 trannies. GM 700R4 (4L60) not 4L60E You can determine the type of transmission from the 4 large alpha-numeric characters on the transmission's ID tag. JohnnyD · Premium Member. In otherwords, a trim tag hinting at a SS 396 Camaro with a 6 cylinder VIN number is not an SS. Please report any errors found or differences your tag may have. The Turbo 400 transmission was a 3 speed automatic transmission developed by General Motors. The matrix on the right is the Engine Casting Numbers and should prove to get you the ID, Make and Year of your Engine. 21 3rd -- 1. 1953 & 1954 Serial # Tag . Document ID# 73069 . Look at the shape of the pan and compare it to diagrams to determine the type of transmission that is on your vehicle See the GM Transmission Identification & Decoding link in Resources below. c3 cl. Here is the complete VIN identification list. 8L 4 Spd FWD RO Integra 1991-93 L4 1. 1965 and Newer. Jan 28, 2008 · Dont know if this is the correct spot for this I pulled my trans to rebuild (3-4 cluches smoked, suprisesuprise) 4l60e out of a 1996 yukon 4x4 to find that it look like it may be a bone yard unit I have been trying for hours to find somewhere to decode the numbers so I know what it came out of. Up to '67 models, the tag is riveted to the firewall near the windshield (it's vertical). Each of the positions in a VIN describes a specific aspect of the vehicle Starting with the 1992-1993 GM F-body (Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am), the six speed was a Borg Warner-designed, Tremec-built T56 transmission. What do you want to do with the car? Do you want to make it faster/quicker? We TH200 = tag on the right side of the transmission extension TH350 (1972 and earlier)= on the upper flange of the transmission housing converter opening TH350 (1973 and later) = on the right vertical surface of the oil pan TH400 = on the upper flange of the transmission housing converter opening The codes on this page are not limited to Novas only. 60 4th -- 1. Equipment from independent suppliers is not covered by the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty. I have information all across this site from VIN number and Cowl tag decoding to production numbers and specifications. To avoid the risk of injury, never use Recovery Hooks to tow a vehicle. [ July 10, 2020 ] 1949-54 GM Torque Tube to Open Driveshaft Conversion Donor Vehicles How To & DIY [ July 10, 2020 ] DD Speed Shop is Giving Away a 1957 Chevy Bel Air for FREE! Really. Position 1. Apr 17, 2015 · Pontiac’s transmission offerings for 1964–1974 GTOs were similar to the transmissions offered in other Pontiac and GM models. Acura · Buick · BMW · Chevy/ GM/ GMC · Cadillac · Chrysler · Dodge · Ford · Honda  CAUTION: This transmission closely resembles 343 Saginaw. com gm rpo codes: g11 : ratio, transaxle final drive 2. Year GM Division Model Series Body Code Assembly Plant Sequence # 67 = 1967: 1 = Chevrolet: 11 = Chevy II 100, L4 13 = Chevy II 100, L6 14 = Chevy II 100, V8 The 4L60E is an automatic transmission designed for longitudinal engine configurations. Tag Team. It is a fully synchronized Overdrive transmission (including reverse). To find out what options your car was ordered with you may look up all the codes listed on your Service Parts Identification tag. Recommended. Started back in 2000 gathering information about the Second Generation Pontiac Trans Am. 186 lbs transmission weight filled; Gear Ratios: 1st -- 3. Codes can be cleared by Mar 15, 2016 · A sample cowl tag will look something like this: The top line can be broken down into four basic sections: 73-1FQ87-N-158854. A "Special Duty" Jet-A-Way was used in the 4-4-2. The numbers seem to indicate 1970 3-speed, not worth much. Feb 19, 2011 · A trim tag or body number tag is FISHER BODYS representation of the car. GM introduces a higher horsepower engine (5. May 10, 2010 at 10:41 AM #1 range c1 cl. The GM 4L60E/65E/70E-4L80E/85E Diagnostic Code Book is designed to provide the technician with a step by step diagnostic approach to each and every transmission code available from 1991 to the 2007 model year. ACURA. The part number in the casting is 24208421. That second trans is a 3-speed Saginaw. 282 ~ October 9, 1967 (282nd day from Jan 1, 1967) Jun 28, 2020 · The transmission then became electronically controlled instead of the TV cable, with some other changes which I will go through further down in the article. This ID tag is usually held on by one rivet. Shop GM parts. For Example: 1G1Y C 2 D 7 4 E 5100001. Norwood Trim Tag: Codes for some SS & Z28 cars from Norwood appear here. Jan 23, 2017 · The time and mileage intervals for each of the maintenance items included on this page was established by General Motors with the introduction of the 1963 Chevy Corvette. 7 Apr 2013 DavidH25 answered 7 years ago. Be as specific as possible and send an image to help with resolving the issue. They will work with the RWD 4L60E, 4L70E and 4L80E also with all the Front Wheel Drive 4 speed series of GM transmissions including 4T45E, 4T60E, 4T65E and 4T80E. Decoding the Transmission: The names of late model GM overdrive transmissions can seem complicated at first glance with all the different mixes of letters and numbers, but decoding them is really rather easy. Additional VIN location information from member Lloyd Faust:. There is a paper tag on the drivers side rear that has 04CHD on the top of the tag with 04CHD708155259 below Thanks for any help you can provide. Nova Father/Son Car Canadian Cowl Tag I have a 1967 Chevy Nova SS, kinda rare as it has the 283 V8 with auto trans. L78 - SS396/375hp Decoding the Corvair VIN; Corvair Cowl, Firewall or Trim Tags. Numbers 4 through 8 describe the car with such information as the model, body type, restraint system, transmission type and engine code. Number 9 is the check   Before the Late 4L60-E transmission, there was the Turbo 700R4, which was introduced in 1982. The GM TH-400 transmission is considered the heavy-duty version of the Turbo Hydra-Matic 350, and the two transmissions are similar in many characteristics. The sticker has several 3 digit codes which let the dealer know which options the vehicle is equipped with. T10 Input Shaft GM 27 or 25 tooth. The lower number on the tag is the serial number of the transmission in the order it was tagged, it has nothing to do with the serial number of the vehicle the transmission is in. O. T10 Cluster Pin 7/8" OEM equivalent replacement T10 7/8" cluster pin. also there is a 0868 listed where it says Toledo on the bell Check out https://www. YEAR: APPLICATION: CODE: AM GENERAL: 1984-1988 : 379 V8 diesel 4WD Military truck: MA: AVANTI: 1981-82 350 V8 FV: BUICK: 1964: 300 V8 LeSabre: BU: 401 V8 column shift Mar 10, 2015 · It is likely the part number for the transmission is contaioned within the first numbers for each transmission. on the drivers side stamped on the boss are CHB 127451 larger letters on the case are MD8. = mc = 12002362 tag mc 2362 harness engine (gm service 12003023) BOX 45 = RADIATOR = FD = 3031059 RADIATOR 3 ROW MANUAL TRANSMISSION BOX 46 = RADIATOR HOSES IN = LU = 481776 UPPER HOSE RADIATOR Apr 17, 2009 · No. GM Turbo 200 and 200C: 3 Speed Transmission. Information about GM's 6-speed 6T40 MH8/MHB Hydra-Matic transmission, including details, specifications, vehicle applications, and more. 30 Sep 2019 A. The first two digits represent the year, the second five digits are a model description, the N is the Norwood, Ohio, assembly plant, and the last six digits are the Fisher Body sequence number. The Mustang books list DSO as “District Sales Office,” and most Mustangs have a number there. The UPC code was the internal identification code. The basic design and operation  It is the tenth digit that gives you the model year for GM. 10 spline. Service Tag Decoding. gm transmission tag decoding

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