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5. Cashmere is not available in the darkest colors. Sherwin Williams has a product line for every application with tools and supplies to match. SW is mighty pricey, but being self priming saves labor. Related: Sherwin Williams - Ruined paint. I like SW, the store is close and right now they have a 40% off sale. The quality of this paint makes it easy to apply and covers in one coat. High quality elastomeric coatings breath better than modern acrylic house paints. Use the maximum Re: Good Paint, Bad Paint One more big plus for Sherwin Williams interior Duration is the odor dicipicates quickly. Home Depot sells consumer grade products that have less quality. Nov 02, 2016 · Sherwin William premium paints also have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are more stain resistant and can be scrubbed clean. Cube Dweller. . D. It is priced about mid-range and performs accordingly. Sherwin-Williams specializes in coating, paint, stain, wall covering and other related products and caters to both commercial and professional customers such as automobile and airplanes as well as to home owners. Jul 21, 2020 · Original review: July 3, 2020. Consistency. A high quality exterior acrylic masonry primer such as Sherwin-Williams Loxon Masonry Primer will fortify the siding's mildew and efflorescence resistance. The 9 Best Paints For Interior Walls In 2020. I'll let you in one a secret: the price contractors pay for most of the paint at Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore costs them les Oct 28, 2016 · For instance, Sherwin-Williams now makes a line of flat paint called Emerald that they advertise as having the same “washability and durability as the matte or glossier sheens. Sherwin-Williams manufacture other quality paints whose indoor paint prices are less than the top-of-the-line Duration. SW has several exterior paint choices. This is a ‘high-build’ paint and primer that is applied very thick. Both paints are at price $80 plus CAD from year 2019. This product costs nearly twice as much as the next best interior paint, Duration Home. Exterior Color Inspiration Body Paint Colors Sherwin Williams. Don't be surprised if you find the store where you're shopping has more or fewer types of paint finishes. The paint is more expensive than most brands but the coverage was the worst I have ever seen. Sherwin Williams has been at the forefront of paint industry innovation and color leadership since 1866. C. Наличие на складе: доступно   27 Dec 2019 High-grade, washable Super Paint flat finish from Sherwin Williams. Emerald, duration, super paint and A100. Jacksonville, FL. On a spectrum, SuperPaint is good,  On a spectrum, SuperPaint is good, Resilience is better, and Duration is the best. Powers paint rating which rated the Sherwin Williams paint products significantly better overall than the Behr brand. Thank you for your service. This performance does come at a price. Pour out some Behr Premium Plus Ultra and some Sherwin Williams Duration. Benjamin Moore premium paints are extremely low VOC and are moving towards no VOC. If you plan to work with DURATION, please be aware that it takes some getting used to – even for professional painters – that may make it difficult to apply. Oct 26, 2017 · We chose Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray as the paint color in our new house, and I am absolutely in love with it! I think it is the perfect gray color. Good thing about it is it is self priming. It may have been an elastomeric paint or not. 650187560. 12 years ago. . On Lowes. Nov 11, 2015 · Sherwin Williams Emerald vs. I’ve been using Sherwin Williams Duration paint on the trim and windows. This gorgeous house in Edinburg was painted with Super Paint by Sherwin Williams. If we can help with any questions, please contact us: 770-928-8700 or contact us. I USING SW SUPER PAINT WILL IT COVER LIKE THEY SAY? Sherwin Williams Duration vs Behr Looking at paint for walls that used to have wallpaper on them. emma32205. Our HGTV HOME® by Sherwin-Williams Color Collections are designer-inspired color palettes, featuring 20 expertly curated paint colors that will work beautifully together in any combination. “Extreme Bond Primer delivers outstanding painting results on surfaces that require a greater degree of adhesion than standard primers can offer,” said Jeff Winter, … I live in Central Florida. Super Paint does not receive the accolades that Duration house paint does. When the customer requests the paint manufacturer Sherwin Williams, we use the quality product Duration Home for interiors and Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint for exteriors. Disappointed with the Superdeck Semi-transparent stain turning a blackish color after 2 years. For basements, depending on the amount of use, use Super Paint Flat or Cashmere Low Luster, or even Duration Matte. If you think of it this way, the same example above is now: Example: The B1-Black colorant is used here, and the total amount of color used is zero ounces, 3 drops, zero half drops, and 1 quarter drops. 650045263 Duration Home® Interior Latex Matte Bright Yellow Bright Yellow. Most projects where you’re going over a previously-painted surface do not require the use of a primer. Below that, you have information about the paint. Mar 08, 2015 · Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Paint Review. May 26, 2013 · “ I used Sherwin Williams paint when I rebuilt my house 7 years ago. Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint did a near-perfect job covering both dark and light surfaces By The Good Housekeeping Institute Jul 30, 2013 Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Review. Sherwin-Williams Duration® Exterior Latex Coatings are the best topcoat choices for new fiber-cement siding. Sherwin Williams Interior DURATION is a durable, stain-resistant paint in all sheens that will resist mold and scrub clean with minimal impact to the finish. Apr 12, 2018 · (1. ) Sherwin Williams paints bond, cover, easy to apply, easy clean up Sep 13, 2010 · I have had three different friends complete exterior projects with Rodda over about an eight year period (staggered over that period), and due to their terrific results, used it on a porch repainting project about four years ago and have been super happy. i painted a house in Naples fl with super-paint from SW 6 years Hello, I am looking for opinions regarding using either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint for interior painting. Let’s start with a recent J. Confidently cover and seal in old stains on your exterior surfaces with a formula that hides existing stains, ground in dirt and residue. Nov 19, 2016 · Sales person sold me emerald and duration in a Matte finish after assuring me this was a FLAT finish and they called their flat paint Matte. Nov 13, 2018 · In case you’re interested, 1 US fluid oz. com WeatherShield® Exterior dirt and stain-blocking paint & primer is designed with advanced all-weather protection that shields the painted surface from harsh weather conditions. Thankfully, Sherwin Williams regularly runs 35% and 40% off sales, so I always purchase my paint at a discount. You can bank on that. Sherwin Williams Duration has moisture and mold resistance feature that we ofter use it for bathrooms and it is highly washable in Matt finish Conclusion Colors are Sherwin Williams: Olympus Gray in the bathrooms and closets, Latitude in the halls, kitchen, and living spaces, Morning Fog in the bedrooms. We were really happy with it. It delivers all of the performance that they say it will. Best Dunn Edwards paints to use for different surfaces. I want a matte finish. Sherwin-Williams Jun 17, 2016 · Sherwin Williams came out with a primer called PrimeRx to compete with XIM’s PeelBond about two years ago. Pour some finish into the cup and see if it will spray. According to several of our team members, Sherwin Williams paint goes on much thicker than Behr paint – often, a single coat of the Sherwin Williams product covered as well as three coats of Behr. ) It may not be fair to compare the SW contractor grade with the Behr premium but it is what I had. Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Sherwin Williams and Weather Shield as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. Be sure to watch for sales… Sherwin-Williams often puts their paint 40% off, so that’s when I buy mine! A double-coat of self-primer: Apply a coat of self-priming paint at $25 per gallon. 77% at the current share price. Benjamin Moore May 16, 2012 · Sherwin-Williams Harmony Flat, Eg-Shel, Semi-Gloss, and Primer are low-odor, zero-VOC acrylic latex paints. If you're located in the Greater Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania areas and would like to request a free consultation and quote for your exterior painting project, please feel free to give us a call at 724-898-2446 or 412-835-2446 . Visit Stone Lion on the official Sherwin-Williams website Back to Color Wheel. ” This is a guarantee that reflects the paint manufacturer’s confidence in its finest offering. We picked a color from Ben Moore, California Red, which is close to SW’s Flower Pot/Fired Brick and had it matched at Sherwin Williams. ) Choose APE-free Interior Paint Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams offer APE-free paint in some of their standard product lines. The following are the Sherwin-Williams elastomeric paint. According to this chart, after one coat, the two best paints are the Sherwin Williams Super paint and Benjamin Moore’s Ben paint. The exterior paint from Sherwin Williams is guaranteed for as long as you own your home. Sherwin Williams was a new one for me. See more ideas about Exterior paint, Exterior paint colors, House colors. Jan 28, 2008 · sherwin williams is a much higher quality paint and this is why, they use better ingrediants and more titanium, that makes the finish last longer, doesn't sag while applying and gives better coverage. I would say that BM Regal is very akin to Duration Interior. O. Sherwin Williams Duration exterior satin latex: Waterbury Cream HC-31 . Even with the deepest of discounts, when you factor in the time it takes to figure out what you need and then @Andrea Tapp Sherwin Williams is a contractor grade professional paint. Having a local Sherwin Williams store makes it easy to match colors with a sample from a prior paint job. It can be applied to external walls in low temperatures (as little as 35 F) and is available in five types of sheen: flat, gloss, high gloss, satin, and low luster. Sherwin-Williams’ SuperPaint is priced at $35 per gallon. The primer is now available in Sherwin-Williams stores. Sherwin Williams vs Weather Shield PissedConsumer. SuperPaint Interior Latex can be used directly over existing coatings, or bare drywall, plaster (cured with a pH of less than 9), masonry (cured with a pH of less than 9) and non-bleeding wood. Степень блеска: Глубокий мат. Can acrylic paints be used to paint the designs, if not what can I use. I've used both. Duration paint I know the color red and variations thereof fade quicker than any other color so I want to choose a paint the resists fading as well as possible. We just painted a bunch of rooms with SW Super Paint, which is paint- + primer. The knowledgeable sales people at Sherwin-Williams can tell you about products like Duration® Exterior Coating, and SuperPaint® Exterior Latex Paint. Sherwin Williams Exterior House Paints Duration Vs Superpaint. In particular, I've used Cashmere and Superpaint, both of which I've been very happy with. It's available in flat, satin and gloss finishes. Sherwin Williams and Valspar both received a three out of five rating. That is great info to have Chad. Jul 30, 2013 · Courtesy of Sherwin Williams 5 Almost indistinguishable from our winner, Benjamin Moore's Aura, in quality, Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint did a near-perfect job covering both dark and light surfaces. HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Showcase Base B Semi-Gloss Tintable Interior Paint (1-Gallon) Item #935238. Satin Sherwin Williams ProClassic® and Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo® Acrylic M stir thoroughly. In conclusion, Super Paint is a product that has paved the road for the introduction of many lines of exterior paints by Sherwin-Williams. Caulk at the butt joints and apply the finish coat. It's also one of the recommended paint brands by many house painters and paint professionals. Sherwin Williams: Super Paint. The stucco was washed and prepped before being painted. Compare; Find My Store. Do you even have a clue about how the distribution centers are shorting the stores on basic items? When we can’t get things like SuperPaint, Duration, Minwax products, Purdy brushes, Superdeck solid stain, collar to go samples, Promar 200 eggshell, cashmere low luster, forget all of the safety products we are talking about core paint products. I use Sherwin Williams 400 or 200 for interiors and and Super Paint or Duration for exteriors. Behr vs. I have been using pro-classic for trims and duration for walls. But is still an excellent choice Super Paint has a 25-year warranty. To my surprise and handyman's surprise the Duration paint only took one coat to cover up the dark green paint. 00-$77. Apply the second coat of self-priming paint. I am planning on having my home repainted. I can't remember exactly (we have bought SO much paint from various stores) but I think it was just over $30/gallon. SuperPaint has Sherwin Williams’ Advanced Acrylic Resin technology; Resilience has the Moisture Guard Technology, making it a great summer paint (especially in the Apr 05, 2019 · Duration is a premium Sherwin Williams paint available in an interior and exterior version. LAS VEGAS (Jan. In a well-ventilated room, latex paint may dry within minutes SHERWIN WILLIAMS DURATION HOME INTERIOR ACRYLIC PAINT: MATTE, SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS – Sherwin Williams claims “Duration Home paint and primer in one features exclusive cross linking technology that actually repels stains. Your upfront cost will be significantly higher versus other premium paints, but if you plan on staying in your home for many years to come, then Duration is the best exterior paint to go with. Apr 16, 2015 · Sherwin-Williams (821) ranks second and Benjamin Moore (820) ranks third. Sherwin Williams has a wide selection of paint shades and great customer service. Rain, snow, sunlight and wear and tear from usage all take a toll on the appearance of the things you keep outside. And the list goes on. For the trims we have just been using C-I-L Premium in semi-gloss (from Home Depot). For several interior painters, Cashmere has completely replaced a longtime favorite Sherwin – Williams (interior) Super Paint. We paint with SuperPaint on interior walls and ceilings for most of our interior painting jobs. According to Benjamin Moore, a gallon offers about Behr thinks so, I believe they are correct. During the last Tropical Storm we experienced water seeping in from our exterior walls. Benjamin Moore advertises Regal Matte. g. (My husband was a painter at one time too) Explore Paint Color Options On Your iPad® With New Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Studio™ App (Nov 13, 2012) Sherwin-Williams Proudly Sponsors The DIY Network® Blog Cabin 2012 (Aug 25, 2012) ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex From Sherwin-Williams (Jan 10, 2012) Sherwin-Williams: How To Choose Colors (Oct 24, 2011) 2010 HGTV Green Home (May Home - Side Street Get free shipping on qualified Homax Sherwin-Williams Paint Tools & Supplies or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint department. It’s a confidence that has been earned and validated for over ten years. Washable products are made to release common household stains with little physical scrubbing and require a light detergent (sometimes just a water dampened cloth). The Sherwin-Williams exterior lineup also includes SuperPaint Exterior Latex Paint, which can be formulated for improved application and hiding, and lower VOCs. 924ml. It seems to be holding up well with no obvious chipping or peeling. You can find one in nearly every major city if not 4 or 5 of them. We often use this sheen for the main body/siding of a house or building exterior. ©2016 The Sherwin-  24 Mar 2019 SuperPaint, Resilience, and Duration are all considered premium products from Sherwin Williams. August 3, 2016 at 9:31 am. Oh, you are a demanding bunch (and that’s why I love you…)! Aug 09, 2018 · Yet Sherwin-Williams has a remarkable record of paying investors to be patient, and has increased its payout to them for 40 consecutive years. Both have several different choices for exterior work. It is a self-priming product and dries at nearly 2x the thickness of the paints in our 5 Year SILVER warranty package. Almost every paint that Sherwin  Бренд: Sherwin-Williams. paint which is good, but if you're looking for a 0 V. Low sheen How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost? Sherwin William paint is considered high quality paint and is known for its excellent coverage and durability. A special thank you to the veteran that hired us. Nov 02, 2017 · 3. But, when the sun hits the wall I feel like I can see the track where my roller went. $25/gallon again. Zinsser brags about its Perma-White. It looks great, and is pretty easy to work with. Some manufacturers, such as Behr, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, make scrubbable versions that allow for easier cleaning. Yes, this paint is the highest quality, so it’s best for projects you need to last for years to come. The three types of paint which we will go into are SuperPaint, Duration, and Emerald. I have to brush all the edging 3 times in order to fully cover. They can provide advice on which paint is best, which paints to use on different surfaces (e. Thanks so much to Sherwin-Williams for providing the paint for this project! Here is a picture of the house when we moved in. Aside from their newer Emerald line of paint, Duration is still considered a top-quality paint. They kept the name, mostly for brand recognition according to one sales associate. They colour match to Sherwin Williams colours. But I DO know that this is a product people tend to either love or hate. This product has been developed with the latest advances in acrylic technology and uses a proprietary technology called Permalast, exclusive to Sherwin-Williams. Benjamin Moore Regal vs Sherwin Williams Duration. This sheen provides a soft finish that will look great on siding in good condition. Valspar offers paint in a similar price range, from $25 to $40 per gallon. Sherwin Williams purchased Duron in 2004. One of the advantages of latex paint over oil-based paint is that latex dries extremely fast. As I said in my original post, it started out up north, where the winters are about as brutal as it gets anywhere. Customer information sheet. That […] WeatherShield® Exterior Paint & Primer One coat paint & primer formula hides-away existing stains, ground-in dirt and residue for less time prepping. Sherwin Williams Super Paint was the company's top paint prior to the introduction of Duration. And let’s just say, it’s not good. I highly recommend Sherwin Williams Duration paint for interior jobs. Aug 01, 2012 · Glad you are going with SW. Sherwin Williams has eight finishes while Dunne Edwards has seven types of paint Jan 04, 2014 · What type of paint can I use to paint designs on a new kitchen hutch that has been painted with sherwin Williams Pro class interior oil based paint? This cabinet was painted about 2 weeks ago. Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex, Flat, Deep Base, K32W00253-01/26/2018 liquid Sherwin-Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex, Flat, Extra White, K32W00251-03/07/2018 The Sherwin-Williams Co. Sherwin Williams Super Paint or Duration would be good choices. It  Duration, Resilience and SuperPaint all contain the innovative VinylSafe® paint colors, which allows you to use darker hues on vinyl siding and cellular PVC  Required when Deco-Flakes cover more than 50% of surface. "Dry to the touch" is the shortest drying time listed on most paint cans. Sherwin Williams Super Paint was the dominant winner here as you can see. com strives to provide consumers with the right information to make informed purchasing decisions. Premium Wall & Wood Primer 2 cts. The color is called Woodstock Brown and it looks like an awesome military green. Sherwin Williams Super Deck Stain Review. I went to Sherwin-Williams Williams expecting to get a great product. SW also sells a paint additive that is a mold/mildewcide. About Sherwin-Williams. That includes masonry, plaster, wood and drywall, as well as metal. This Limited Warranty is issued by The Sherwin-Williams Company only to those purchasers who purchase this coating and apply it to a Home. Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore: Which Paint Is Better? I've used several of their paint products, including SuperPaint, Duration, HGTV Ovation, Captivate, SnapDry, and ProClassic. Painting Primed Hardie Siding January 23, 2018 JD Hostetter When I founded JD Hostetter & Associates in 2004, the first thing I did before contracting our first exterior painting job was to meet with our PPG Porter Paints and Sherwin Williams Rep. Sherwin Williams: Emerald I've used Super Paint too, and I think it is a good product. Most any professional painter who has been in the business for any length of time can tell you that there really isn’t a profit margin in paint. It's definitely less costly than Super Paint, Duration Interior, Cashmere and Emerald. Sherwin Williams Woodscapes is by far the best we stain probably 100 houses a summer and would not use anything else. Curing Time. The paint dries fast, allowing for the  31 Jul 2019 Read my Sherwin Williams paint reviews for paints I frequently use. If you want the best paint money can buy, then Emerald is for you. Some stores have Superpaint in LW and others don't. Regardless, as it’s already painted with something can it be top coated with a latex paint. Jan 10, 2018 · No idea how many times or with what kind of paint. It was painted a cream color. is ~29. true This summer, Sherwin-Williams broadened its eco-friendly offerings with the introduction of its high-end Emerald interior and exterior paints. Ask your favorite paint supplier if they are in this group. For reasons that were no reflection on the quality of Duration, we went with Sherwin Williams Super Paint, which is just one grade down from Duration and which had previously been SW's top of the line. I couldn't find what color I wanted at Home Depot, so I thought about Sherwin Williams. Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Cashmere and Sherwin Williams as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. It is a very durable paint, which makes it excellent for doors, trim and other surfaces which receive a lot of wear. On a spectrum, SuperPaint is good, Resilience is better, and Duration is the best. Sherwin Williams’ Duration and Harmony lines contain a mold inhibitor, Ben Moore’s Regal line does too and Zinsser has a couple different paints and primers that are mold resistant. One of our favorites is Duration® by Sherwin-Williams. I'm an A100 man and occasionally in demanding situations, I'll spring for the Duration. I remembered my sister in law buying some Sherwin Williams paint two years ago and several friends had given rave reviews to the paint. We use Eggshell for the walls and have been very pleased. Both paints cover better, touch up better and can get the job done in two coats. When first applied it seems SP dries in weird to me. Joined May 22, 2004 Messages 1,176 Location 22 Acacia Avenue How to paint your kitchen cabinets in 5 easy steps find more premium interior paint brand new sherwin williams duration home sherwin williams interior paint s matte antidiler sherwin williams duration paint color options house paints colors the duration family sherwin williams hgtv home by sherwin williams paint at lowe s find the perfect. Yes, a high quality “latex” paint with adhere to the elastomeric coating. Pick the palette that reflects your personal style and bring room-to-room harmony to your home. Nolan uses the premium paint Cashmere as well as the super premium paint Duration Home by Sherwin Williams. Benjamin Moore's premium formulation has different names A: Most exterior paint products are formulated for application on a variety of surfaces, from wood siding to brick and stucco. In 2016, Sherwin Williams took it a step further with a new product called Rejuvenate. That is right, these paints, Valspar Paint review and Sherwin-Williams Paint are known for being high-end. Such information and recommendations set forth herein are subject to change and pertain to the product offered at the time of publication. Both can be used on vinyl and aluminum siding as well. They come in 1- and 5-gallon sizes, covering approximately 400 square feet per gallon. Cashmere has excellent hide, coverage, and durability. I used to work for Sherwin Williams Company and know that they have a contractor grade of paint that comes in 3 different grades. sherwin-williams. Apr 23, 2018 · As latex paint dries, its solvent and water evaporates. Whats people lookup in this blog: Sherwin Williams Interior Paint Cost Per Gallon Aug 30, 2018 - Explore Trisha Wilhelm-Brugier's board "Sherwin Williams Cabinet Colors", followed by 102 people on Pinterest. I've only used the Walmart brand paint and hated it. It’s another self-priming paint, and is available in over 1,500 colors. Average Cost (per gallon): $44. Not at all flat. Try a blind paint test. Effective Jan, 2019 SuperPaint® Interior Latex Flat High Reflective White. Depending on the contractors discount, it can usually be purchased for $25-$40 per gallon. Duration Home is a low V. Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex Paint. Dec 18, 2012 · The review of Sherwin Williams’ Cashmere interior enamel. Oct 11, 2012 · Anywhere from $59 and up. The more solvent that evaporates from the paint, the more durable the paint becomes. Never had a problem with Sherwin Williams super paint. I hope this has been helpful to you. My husband works for sherwin-williams distribution and they do not ship to walmart. Jun 16, 2012 · Paying more than $60 per gallon for Sherwin-Williams' Duration flat, satin and semigloss paints buys a finish that still looked impressive after the equivalent of nine years, or about how often If you are not concerned with waterproofing your stucco, a masonry primer and 2 coats of a quality Sherwin-Williams exterior paint will produce fantastic results and at a much lower cost. — Choosing Paint: Sherwin Williams vs. Sherwin-Williams has more information that is immediately understandable on their labels. SuperPaint is a mid-priced paint from Sherwin Williams, costing around $60 per can when it isn’t on sale. Benjamin Moore Aqua: hawaiiboy: Painting: 19: 12-29-2011 06:41 PM: Sherwin Williams Duration: openwaterdave: Painting: 0: 04-15-2010 10:00 AM: Do I need a primer for Sherwin Williams paint? bschuster: Painting: 6: 03-20-2009 11:59 PM: Semi gloss on Semi gloss: mattpricemn: Painting: 6: 08-25-2008 07:18 PM Nov 13, 2018 · Sherwin-Williams label. Benjamin Moore vs. Drywall Self-prime using 2 cts. For this test we used Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex. HGTV HOME ® by Sherwin-Williams paint colors come in virtually every hue imaginable. SherLastic Elastomeric Coating EXOVATIONS uses superior home exterior paints with great warranites on homes throughout the Atlanta area. It also tends to splatter a little more than other Sherwin Williams brand. Apr 20, 2019 · Sherwin Williams Top 4 White Paint Colours – Undertones and More! After my blog post re: The 8 Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Colours, I received TONS of emails and comments asking for the same thing in Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams Duration – 59. Jan 23, 2018 · James Hardie Color Plus Siding vs. Let it dry. You can also call 800-524-5979 to have a representative contact you. Because the paint is latex the clean up is easy if a drop spills. It provides excellent resistance to weather and sunlight. Jul 31, 2019 · For exterior paint, the two products I've had the most success with and continue to use are Duration and Super Paint, both from Sherwin Williams. Fortunately, you can Similar to shown: Serious Gray (siding), Extra White (trim), and Wild Current (shutters) in Duration, about $70 per gallon; Sherwin-Williams How Much to Buy To calculate how many gallons you need for siding, measure and add up each wall's total square footage, including windows and doors, and divide by 90 percent of the coverage rate printed on Mar 22, 2014 · Sherwin Williams can range from $25 to $50 per gallon, depending on the type of paint. The color is fantastic and perfect. The paint is thicker. Professional Painters should contact their local store or rep for volume pricing. 20, 2015) – Sherwin-Williams Resilience and SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex Paints are now available with improved resistance to early dirt pick up and color fade, delivering outstanding performance that professionals can count on. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint is comparable to Behr’s Premium Plus paint which offers paint and primer in one and good hide and coverage. I tailor the product to the project, but always use professional grade products. Last year we researched exterior paints, and gave serious consideration to Duration. High-grade Winners ($50-$100 per gallon) Sherwin Williams: Duration. We decided to repaint one of the rooms and I was the Emerald is the new product and more superior. Benjamin Moore offers “Aura” and “Regal” brands that compare. And he and his painters like Sherwin-Williams’ Super- Paint Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint. I've been using Sherwin Williams Westhighland White as the trim colour. Sherwin Williams paint cost per gallon ranges from $20-$75 depending on the type. Sherwin Williams Duration has moisture and mold resistance feature that we ofter use it for bathrooms and it is highly washable in Matt finish Conclusion Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Acrylic Latex Paint And Primer In One By admin January 21, 2014 – Posted in: Featured Products , Reviews Sherwin Williams Super Paint – We recently had a chance to revisit this old favorite in its newest formulation. I personally liked their middle grade paint the Pro-mar 400, if you are going to buy it outright. Dunn Edwards also has some good products. Which paint is […] Apr 29, 2015 · Sherwin Williams- I use a lot of "Duration" interior, and "Resilience" exterior. The vast majority of his company’s jobs are residential—mostly repaints. This is the best value paint in the line up Superpaint sticks to almost everything and is a vinyl safe paint. 1. Sherwin Williams Duration Paint Finish Photos Jul 17, 2017 Welton of Port Saint Lucie, FL Sherwin Williams - Product does not live up to warranty and representatives are of no help For SW, Duration is top of the line. For exterior house painting the choice of paint would depend on the type of the house the home owner has and results that are expected from the paint job. Paint is like any other commodity, you get what you pay for. The stock yields about 0. Our interior trim paints are a perfect choice for interior millwork; doors, trim, baseboards, windows, etc. It comes in three sheens; flat, low-lustre, and medium-lustre. One that might surprise ya is Vista paint. Артикул: Super Paint Flat кварта (0,95л). Recently Sherwin made this a lifetime warranty paint and added a Low Sheen to the line up. Jeff Sommers owns ESP Painting and swears by Sherwin-Williams’ SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint since it is easy to spray, brush, and roll. Sherwin-Williams offers innovative color selection tools, exceptional paints and stains and a wide selection of painting supplies for homeowners and professionals. Sherwin Williams interior latex paint has been used recently in my kitchen and bedrooms. Customer information sheet The big one is that it does not cover as well as the Super Paint (which is my favorite). Rejuvenate is a paint and primer in one, but the primer is PrimeRx. SuperPaint has Sherwin Williams' Advanced Acrylic Resin technology;  Sherwin WIlliams: Duration, Superpaint, Cashmere? summiebee. Elastomeric coatings breath very well. Find out more about our product solutions today. Benjamin Moore: Ultra Spec. Benjamin Moore- You have never painted, if you haven't used "Aura", it's $70 a gallon, (for the interior, retail price). In 2006 an addition was put on the house. Oh, you are a demanding bunch (and that’s why I love you…)! Jul 01, 2020 · Valspar Paint Review vs Sherwin-Williams Paint Review Hello there and welcome to my review of the trendiest, most well-known paints for the modern millennials. Nov 26, 2012 · Sherwin Williams’ Emerald Interior product is excellent. The “top of the line” paint at Sherwin Williams is “Duration Home”, an excellent paint, but higher in price. Duration don't go as far as Super Paint or A-100 either. Sherwin-Williams is one of the big paint manufacturers that offer elastomeric paint. Any help will greatly appreciated. If this coating peels or blisters during the Lifetime of the purchaser (as defined below), Sherwin-Williams shall, upon presentation of proof of purchase to the store Mar 22, 2014 · This was based on how satisfied people were in relation to the price paid. “It’s the best bang for the buck,” Sommers says, adding that his painters like it because it’s easy to spray, brush and roll. Available in four different sheens and more than 100 colors, Sherwin Williams Duration lets users refresh their vinyl siding and turn their house into a personalized dream home. This is often listed on the paint can as the time needed before scrubbing or washing the paint. After the walls are painted in a new construction build project, electricians, We use Sherwin Williams' paint, especially their Super Paint, Duration,  1 Jan 2019 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PRODUCT PRICING GUIDE. It usually takes two to four weeks for latex paint to cure. Oct 10, 2018 · Given that the four major paint brands (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Valspar) have at least 28 different interior latex paints, this level of consensus is impressive. Jan 26, 2017 · Sherwin-Williams Super Paint SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex, devised by paint brand Sherwin-Williams, is formulated with an advanced resin for better color retention and adhesion. The paint sheen used on a wall has a major impact on the durability and cleanability of the finish, especially important in rooms such as a bathroom or Cons: In general, they hold dirt and are difficult to clean because cleaning can actually remove the finish. The main reason I don't use it as much as A100 is because the way it dries in. Aug 31, 2011 · Duron / Sherwin Williams. I had the rooms painted, at the cost of nearly $1,000 and it is SHINY paint. However, neither product addresses both issues. Mar 24, 2019 · SuperPaint, Resilience, and Duration are all considered premium products from Sherwin Williams. Super Paint является краской с высокой стойкостью к истиранию. You need to compare the quality levels. Hard to beat for the money. If you were deciding between these two brands which would you choose and why. Sherwin Williams: Resilience. The two upgraded lines offer "beautiful, durable exteriors that can withstand harsh outdoor elements,” said Karl Schmitt, a Sherwin-Williams senior VP. It’s self-priming, hides well, durable, cleanable, and has a rich finish. SuperPaint, Resilience, and Duration are all considered premium products from Sherwin Williams. 5735= ~0. They have everything from interior paint to exterior paint and more. Comapring their bottom line (Weather Perfect) with Dunn Edwards top of the line Sherwin Willaims will win on price, but Dunn Edwards on performance. Jul 01, 2020 · Valspar Paint Review vs Sherwin-Williams Paint Review Hello there and welcome to my review of the trendiest, most well-known paints for the modern millennials. SuperPaint is perfect for painting walls. We did all the right prep work and worked meticulously. ceilings, trim, walls, cabinets), sometimes assist with color and finish selection and advise you on the best painting tools to use. Dec 14, 2018 · Latex Paint Drying Time Vs. com, you can shop colors by collection or type, so if you’re looking specifically for a shade of green or a particular paint, like the HGTV HOME ® by Sherwin-Williams Exterior Paint or HGTV HOME ® by Sherwin-Williams Ceiling Paint, we can help. Nov 20, 2014 · Hands down the best interior Eggshell paint is sherwin williams Pro-mar 200, Benjamin Moores Regal wall satin would be my only choice for interior flat, and lastly for a superior exterior product is Sherwin Williams Super Paint. sarah jahnke says. If you’re going to distress it anyway, you could probably get away with cheaper paint. Also, the Sherwin Williams store we use in Beaumont, TX, has very helpful and knowledgeable sales people. On the top left hand corner, t he store code and phone number where the paint was purchased is shown. It seems that dirt sticks to the stain. In a well-ventilated room, latex paint may dry within minutes Sherwin Williams makes some very good paints, but they have a broad range of products (much broader than B-M) and I haven't used all of them. I've never had a call back using either of those products. Sherwin-Williams: Duration Home: Interior Latex Satin: A97W01251/A97WQ1251: E 3 Sherwin-Williams: SuperPaint: Interior Latex Satin: A87W01151: E 3 Sep 15, 2009 · Loxon XP masonry coating from Sherwin-Williams Loxon XP is designed for use on tilt-up, precast, or poured-in-place concrete as well as concrete masonry units and cement block and stucco surfaces. Колеруется по оригинальному каталогу цветов Sherwin-Williams. Walmart paint is ok but if you want a lifetime color use sherwin-williams. Color selections painting the grid t1808 a tree with at least one color are combining the house paint colors for your house carries vintage style that the hue is one of paint and shutters in waterside settings like a popular is a bright and discover the interior design they have you go out the elegant facade with the lightest brown house as a collection of the Cashmere vs Sherwin Williams PissedConsumer. There’s no question that Regal Select is an investment. Super Paint is a decent mid range paint but you should plan on applying 2+ coats of paint. mike . Again great paint for the money for light colored Sherwin Williams makes some very good paints, but they have a broad range of products (much broader than B-M) and I haven't used all of them. It is available in a white and deep base. Depends on the series paint with Optima being the cheapest and Duration or Super Paint being the highest in latex, but one thing I will say is the cheapest Sherwin Williams paint is a hundred times better than anything you'll get at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Hardware Stores (Ace, True Value, etc. We also used Sherwin Williams Duration to paint the kitchen cabinets and they turned out great. One of the things that gets me is the availability of specific paints seems to be so regional with Sherwin-Williams. Sherwin Williams can range from $25 to $50 per gallon, depending on the type of paint. We offer technologically advanced, high-performance coatings for residential and commercial applications. PPG. Объем банки (л):, 0,95. Cashmere is a premium, low-VOC interior coating. On the right hand corner, the date and order number is shown. At Pittsburgh Paint, “Manor Hall” is their equivalent and also an excellent paint. Also, if mold is an issue in your area you can have them add extra mold inhibitors. California Paints boasts about its top-of-the-line 2010 super-scrubbable ceramic paint. Mar 30, 2016 · Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe™ Color Technology provides a wide color selection and excellent performance on vinyl without buckling — even when using a dark color. has Duration Home and Harmony. 8% of the final vote. Sherwin Williams® ProClassic Hybrid & Benjamin Moore Advance® are both water-based paint that behaves like oil-based; excellent adhesion, flow, and leveling, non-yellowing and a unique wet and dry hide. ” 3. May 13, 2010 · My husband purchased the perfect color for our living room but bought semi gloss. So really not a lot of time to research this. Sherwin William paint is more expensive than Behr paint when looking at pricing per gallon. Oct 10, 2018 · Sherwin-Williams has a number of paints that typically sell in the $50 to $70 range. 2013-11-07. A: Most exterior paint products are formulated for application on a variety of surfaces, from wood siding to brick and stucco. And those are: SuperPaint by Sherwin-Williams, and Manor Hall by PPG-Pittsburgh Paints. Valspar vs. Some stores sell it by the quart and others only by the gallon. See more ideas about Cabinet colors, House painting, Interior paint. sherwin-williams. Dec 09, 2019 · I USING SW SUPER PAINT WILL IT COVER LIKE THEY SAY? HI GUYS THIS IS DAY ONE OF THIS BIG PAINTING JOB. You can choose from their 100 color options in the VinylSafe™ palette, or have them do a custom color match. Valspar may be a better buy based on price if it can be purchased inexpensively. Mar 23, 2014 · Duration is well known for its great washability as well as its one-coat coverage. There are likely other manufacturers who have eliminated APEs. We guarantee our work and would not if we didn't trust the product. I am sure that other brands also have a mold resistant line. SuperPaint . Dec 10, 2015 · I already did a search on this and did not find anything recent. The “breathability” is well known and established through standardized testing. Apr 23, 2018 · Curing is the time it takes for latex paint to become durable and harden. Their colors range from timeless neutrals, like Cotton White, to richer and more distinct hues, like Bluebird Feather and Coral Reef. PPG Paint Prices A coat of paint may be the quickest and easiest way to make many old items look new, but you have to choose the right paint for the project to get the best result. These are all great paints as far as application, dry time, and durability. I am hoping homeowners can share experiences and recommendations on either and what grade they used in their homes. Behr thinks so, I believe they are correct. For most exterior projects though, there’s 2 products we would recommend over others – Superpaint or Duration. When all the water and solvent have evaporated, the paint has cured; it has created a firm bond with the surface. I was advised by the painter that he doesn't suggest Elastomeric paint because after sometime bubbles form and its not as good as Loxon XP. 5 gallons of it at Sherwin Williams. There happened to be a 25% off coupon in the paper so I went to see their colors. Grandpa used to paint a whole barn for 35 bucks. It's also very low on the cleanability scale. Exterior Dunn Edwards paints. As far as one line of paint though for interior on 3 different sheens “Sherwin Williams” Jan 29, 2007 · Sherwin-Williams www. We have painted our house with Sherwin Williams for years. Do not use in bathrooms, the kitchen or a kid's room. SuperPaint is a great exterior paint, but if you're repainting the inside of your If you want your exterior paint finish to last for years, Duration paint is definitely a good choice. Below, we’ll go over the differences and when you might want to use one over the other. Have someone roll both on a white Sherwin-Williams is a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings with a proven history of durability, color, innovation, and service. Moderator. This sheen, known as Low Lustre in most of the Benjamin Moore product lines, or Satin in Sherwin Williams lines, is our most commonly used exterior paint sheen. It provides a selection of more than 1,500 paint colors which makes it suit every project's unique needs. 00; Average Life Expectancy: 8-10 years; Ease of Use: Moderate, depending on surface; Thickness (Wet Film Thickness): 5. If this coating peels or blisters during the Lifetime of the purchaser (as defined below), Sherwin-Williams shall, upon presentation of proof of purchase to the store Apr 20, 2019 · Sherwin Williams Top 4 White Paint Colours – Undertones and More! After my blog post re: The 8 Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Colours, I received TONS of emails and comments asking for the same thing in Sherwin Williams. 5735 ml, so one drop of Sherwin-Williams colorant is (1/32)*29. com With over 900 retail stores in North America, Sherwin-Williams is a household name. I used it last week for the finish of a bathroom project and found thier was barely a noticable paint odor the day following the second coat. In many cases all you’ll need to do is spot-prime any bare areas that need to be addressed before applying your finish. other paints as far as coverage and nothing covers like SW. I used Valspar Signature for the walls, Valspar semi gloss for the trim, and Valspar ceiling paint. It used to be at the top of the list until the arrival of Sherwin William’s Duration paint. Sherwin-Williams stores) 4. I am not going to paint for a month or so, but have till Monday to buy paint at 40% off. Pretty super. SuperPaint is Sherwin Williams ‘standard’ exterior paint. SuperPaint Interior Latex Masonry / Block Oct 11, 2018 · Sherwin-Williams may be one of the most famous names in paint, which means you're likely to find a retailer near you -- and which means the company's zero-VOC Harmony acrylic latex paint should be First we'll review the pros and cons of each type of paint – high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell and flat (also called matte) paint finishes. Keep in mind, for elastomeric paints to completely live up to its water proofing specifications they need to be applied by spray methods and VERY thick coats SuperDeck Stain Review. Edited for some grammatical and spelling errors. we deliver excellence, dependability and integrity through premium-quality products, state-of-the-art tools and personalized service. Both of these paints are just about equally good, but Benjamin Moore’s is a little less expensive. Have someone roll both on a white Sherwin-Williams Resilience ® and SuperPaint ® Exterior Paints Now Feature Enhanced Dirt Resisitance. ”. Feb 09, 2016 · Behr Marquee vs Sherwin-Williams Paint According to Consumer Reports 2016 Buying Guide, Behr Marquee (Home Depot) paint is rated #1 with an overall score of 81 and a price of $43/gallon. Sherwin Williams stores can be found nationwide. Clark + Kensington (828) ranks highest in customer satisfaction among exterior Aug 09, 2018 · Yet Sherwin-Williams has a remarkable record of paying investors to be patient, and has increased its payout to them for 40 consecutive years. Do not use Walmart on the outside of your house! Use Duration it is well worth it, Super Paint is good too, both are from Sherwin-Williams. Feb 07, 2017 · Sherwin Williams customer service specialist, David Lee, said there are five different types of interior latex wall paint at Sherwin Williams: emerald, duration home, superpaint, cashmere and ovation. it takes more coats of the lesser quality ( i didn't want to say crappy !) paints and this takes twice as long to finish the job. The company, which received the EPA’s prestigious From what I know and prior experiences, ProMar 200 is a lower product on the Sherwin Williams scale. Sw duration vs emerald exterior paint talk professional sherwin williams exterior house paints duration vs superpaint my review of sherwin williams emerald urethane on cabinets dengarden duration paint beautiful exterior s photos antidiler sherwin williams exterior house paints duration vs superpaint sherwin williams duration exterior paint s silver strand antidiler. Farrel Calhoun paint is going to last just as long as Sherwin Williams or any other paint out there. Also added a statement about seasonal useage of different products. Sep 08, 2015 · For two-story rooms such as foyers and great rooms, use Sherwin Williams Super Paint Flat, or Cashmere Flat Enamel. 27 Nov 2018 High quality paint - Super Paint Sherwin Williams Some other Sherwin Williams products we use include Cashmere, Duration Interior, and  5 days ago The boards had been previously painted with Sherwin-Williams super paint but it cracked and flaked so I had to replace it. 3% of the final vote. Exterior Paint Brand Satisfaction Rankings. of SuperPaint Interior Latex or 1 ct. One of the things I love most about it is how easy it is to use. Sep 10, 2006 · In 2004 we applied Sherwin Williams SuperPaint to the exterior of our 40 year old (at the time) house. Valspar Duramax Exterior ($40 per gallon at May 19, 2013 · Sherwin-Williams have recently introduced Resilience and Duration which addresses these problems. Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior ($80-$84 per gallon at. Jun 03, 2016 · Also, he suggests Sherwin-Williams’ Woodscapes Exterior House Stain for cedar projects because it’s peel resistant and has a nice rich color. If it sputters, or doesn’t spray at all, we recommend that you add an ounce of water at a time until a spray pattern is obtained. Nothing shiny, but  5 Apr 2019 I use Duration for most of my painting projects and prefer it over less expensive options like Super Paint. For an exterior requiring 20 gallons of paint and primer, your tab is $1,000 or a bit less. :hissyfit: Oct 20, 2018 - Explore Kathy Hersey Logan's board "Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors" on Pinterest. Sherwin-Williams advertises their oil-based enamel as being appropriate for use on all surfaces. I have no idea what that even means. Sherwin Williams SuperDeck continues to follow the same wear trends and issues with turning black as years before. Total Time (hours): 100+ Estimated Material Cost: $1,200 (paint, supplies, and equipment, no Can You Use Satin Paint on Bathroom Walls?. This high quality paint has all the essentials for an interior coat. We have been painting our house with Sherwin Williams Superpaint in Velvet. Pratt & Lambert touts Accolade. I have seen comparisons of SW vs. I found the coverage is extremely poor. Consult your Sherwin-Williams representative or visit We explain the application process (brushing & rolling vs spraying) We use top quality Sherwin Williams Paints (Duration, Emerald, SuperPaint, WoodScapes, SuperDeck) Provide a written warranty on paint, labor, and materials; Have $1M Liability Insurance and Full Workers’ Compensation Feb 19, 2014 · Sherwin Williams Exterior Super Paint Sample Colors and Primer Detail Faux Finish Professional Experts Christian Painters Christian Painters Customer Referral Videos May 01, 2016 · Sherwin-Williams introduces Extreme BondTM Interior and Exterior Primer, a solution for surfaces that require a greater degree of adhesion than standard primers can offer. 0 mils; Sherwin Williams Superpaint (tied for 2nd) – 14. The Behr is what I normally get at Home Depot and the Sherwin Williams is what my brother in law gave me (a 5 gallon bucket from a paint contractor on his construction site. 3 Feb 2012 For starters, Duration can be applied on a handful more surfaces than SuperPaint – such as steel, aluminum, vinyl and wood siding and trim. My ex-husband has been a professional painter for 25+ years and he told me to use SW Duration, even though he has never tried Emerald. Behr Premium Plus Exterior ($30 per gallon at Home Depot) 5. Because they have a Its low temperature capabilities allow us to paint during the cooler months. Sherwin Williams Duration. Comments. Duration is more expensive but covers really well. ” BOB MERIAM, OWNER MERIAM PAINTING, SUMMERVILLE, SC “On the higher-end paints for interiors, Sherwin-Williams’ Duration matte performs well and can be purchased for less than $50,” he says. In terms of interior house painting, Cashmere is recommended by several local Raleigh painting contractors. Model #SH3025002-16. Pro-mar 200, Pro-mar 400, and Pro-mar 700. Sherwin-Williams Emerald and Duration Home are rated #16 and #17 with a score of 61 and an average price of $62. For example: sherwin Williams has five levels of exterior paint. Superpaint has been a 25 year warranty paint for decades. Sherwin-Williams guarantees its Duration exterior house paint for “as long as you own your home. Sign up for our daily newsletter Exterior Super Paint SW 6088 Nuthatch Sherwin-Williams November 27, 2017 2017 Color of the Year: Poised Taupe | Sherwin-Williams December 28, 2016 Sherwin Williams Shrink-Free Spackling Review February 14, 2017 The information and recommendations set forth in this Product Data Sheet are based upon tests conducted by or on behalf of The Sherwin-Williams Company. Sherwin-Williams is promising better resistance to dirt and color fading with the reformulation of its Resilience and SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex Paints. I paint homes with the interior and exterior version, and I will explain the pros and cons of the paint. If the customer requests Benjamin Moore, we will use its Regal Select paint for interiors and exteriors. If paint lasts up there, it will last anywhere in the US. (Hence the name “Superpaint”). , then this will not meet your needs. We will upgrade your paint to Sherwin-Williams Duration paints. I chose their Duration  Sherwin-Williams offers innovative color selection tools, exceptional paints and stains and a wide selection of painting supplies for homeowners and  Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint - Best durability. Apr 01, 2014 · This post is my experience with Sherwin Williams Paint, and expresses my opinion of the paint. View Details Sherwin Williams duration vs. Duration, Resilience and SuperPaint all contain the innovative VinylSafe ® paint colors, which allows you to use darker hues on vinyl siding and cellular PVC substrates. The other half wants to use Glidden and I've heard good things about Sherwin- Williams. Dec 01, 2016 · Superpaint interior acrylic latex paint sherwin williams pin on interior exterior paint products facilities management news superpaint interior acrylic latex superpaint interior aboutskydiving site Share this: Sherwin Williams Exterior House Paints Duration Vs Superpaint. Durability is an important aspect of paint-buying, and a quality paint will retain its original color and resist cracking,  ¹При использовании на больших площадях металлического сайдинга температура воздуха, поверхности и материала должны быть 10 градусов или . Both the addition and house have walls that face every direction. It will burnish quite easily. Sherwin Williams Duration Paint Color Options House Washable Products such as Emerald and Duration Home from Sherwin Williams are both outstanding when it comes to washability, yet they are not highly scrubbable products. The estimated cost per 100 square feet for APE-free paints are shown below. Hgtv Home By Sherwin Williams Showcase Ultra White Base A Satin Superpaint interior acrylic latex paint sherwin williams paint coatings sherwin williams exterior paint sherwin williams duration home interior acrylic latex paint sherwin williams. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint – Painting ideas SuperPaint’s estimated cost is $42 per gallon, and it comes in second in a list of the best exterior house paints. Washable Products such as Emerald and Duration Home from Sherwin Williams are both outstanding when it comes to washability, yet they are not highly scrubbable products. 12/19PI ©2019 The Sherwin-Williams Company #A100982PD For more information or assistance with selecting the best paint and sheen for your next project, contact your local Sherwin-Williams store or representative. Acri-hues. View or download your Sherwin Williams paint warranty, Porter Paints warranty or contact the paint company for more information. Not the case at all. After all the good things I’ve heard about Sherwin Williams Paint, and finding coupons for 30% off in the newspaper, I wholeheartedly gave two of their top lines of paint a try- Duration and Emerald. sherwin williams super paint vs duration

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