Extracurricular activities game

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Extracurricular activities game

A Slice of Life visual novel where a CrestHaven University student named Eric is the only human on the tennis team and gets to explore a relationship with one of his anthropomorphic teammates: ChesterSpencerDozerDarius note Originally, there was only going to be 3 characters: Grifter, Chester, and Spencer. Dozer and Darius were created about a year later and is the reason why they have less days than the original three. The creator has stated that more characters might be added extracurricular activities game the future.

Worthy of note is that this visual novel has exceptional writing that explores realistic characters and situations, as well as being mostly SFW. All of the characters have unique personalities, each with strengths, flaws, and quirky charms. It reaches the writing level of Morenatsuwhich was one of the only furry novels to break the mold into popularity.

The novel is in development and one can gain early access by supporting it on Patreon. This grants the beta version with monthly updates and additions. There is also a free demo on itch. The demo updates monthly as well. A unique feature about this visual novel is that the creator is hosting a Tumblr note You must have a Tumblr to access. The novel and all links posted here are Not Safe for Work. Compare Morenatsuanother furry novel with a similar theme and atmosphere. Compare Coming Out On Topwhich is basically the human version of this novel.

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Extracurricular activities game

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Extracurricular activities game

From left to right: Chester, Coach Grifter, and Spencer. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

Extracurricular activities game Extracurricular activities game

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Extracurricular Activities