Haramase simulator achievements

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Haramase simulator achievements

First Prev of Go to. Apr 1, 28 So is there bugfix to save error after upgrading game from 0. Reactions: ColdPlatemojo and olopl.

Haramase simulator achievements

Aug 11, 19 4. ColdPlate Newbie. Jul 19, 15 Nihgthawk said:. Can some one do a run down of Kiriya and her achievements. I got the first two but after meeting her one time at the gym I am completely stuck. All the Wikia are either blank on the subject or reference old shit which either does not exist anymore or was deleted. Jan 7, Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.

Haramase simulator achievements

An interesting discovery I made a while ago but one I decided to share now. Not sure if this is intended or not. It probably isn't lol. This is because the button for continue or try again is still around and for some reason can still be clicked in the background even though its not showing up, This is the same for the give up button on the other side instead it cancels you out of the minigame instead of swapping to a new question.

GammaRadiatedCookie New Member. Jul 17, 3 0. HaydenXV New Member. Oct 7, 2 0. Hello, I am currently on version 4. Sorry if that has already been said. HaydenXV said:. Reactions: HaydenXV. It is not a bug.

Haramase simulator achievements

The MC actually buys 7 videos through the mail not 6but only 5 of them are professional made JAV films which show up on the main screen of the video player. The other two videos are "homemade" and get added to the video player later on. If you still need the Mei Phone Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

Dec 16, So how to obtain NTR 9 disc? In some walkthrough it says that you need to do things Shiri says when you click on her in movie selector.

Haramase simulator achievements

ChaosGhost Newbie. Apr 22, 41 ChaosGhost said:. Dec 26, 16 3. Noone Member. Jan 18, Noone said:. Or check the guide someone posted here. PomPomGalliAtoll Newbie. Dec 26, 27 5. I used all the stamina I could just on her and while she got to the "dazed" point I never saw anything beyond that. Stroth Newbie. Sep 21, 23 GammaRadiatedCookie said:. Reactions: trihard Show hidden low quality content.

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Haramase simulator achievements Haramase simulator achievements

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