Spanking rpg games

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A new version has been ed. The big changes are the introduction of secondary statistics:. Attack — This is how much damage you do. Defense — This is how much damage you reduce enemy attacks. Shield — This is effectively temporary hitpoints. Whenever an enemy damages you, it reduces your shield stat before it reduces your energy. For example, suppose you have a shield stat of 5, and an enemy does 3 damage to you. Then they will do 0 damage, and your shield will be reduced to 2.

By default, shield is 0, but powers can be used to increase it. Retaliation — This behaves just like shield, except instead of blocking damage, you retaliate. For example, suppose you have a retaliation of 5 and an enemy does 3 damage to you. Then, you spanking rpg games 3 damage, do 3 damage to them, and your retaliation is reduced to 2. Note that retaliation ignores defense, so it can be a great way of damaging enemies with high defense. However, it is blocked by shields.

Buffing and debuffing powers now increase and decrease attack, defense, shield and retaliation. Scarlet Chords now increases attack and defense based on your Power stop, rather than increasing your speed based on your Strength. Furthermore, if you are inflicted with Away at the start of your turn, Scarlet Chords automatically cures you of it at the start of your turn rendering you effectively immune to Away.

Scarlet Fists and Scarlet Eyes work the same they did before, except they no longer inflict a status. Scarlet Beam uses your attack stat, rather than your Power stat.

Spanking rpg games

This is so that Scarlet Fists more obviously increases your damage output before it increased your Attack damage, but reduced your Shoot damage, which was lame. Shoot does spanking rpg games trigger retaliation, but is not affected by your weapons. Twister no longer inflicts damage on a character when they are inflicted with Away. Instead, it does damage at the end of their turn if they are inflicted with Away. What this means is that Scarlet Moon is effectively immune to Twister if she is inflicted with Scarlet Chords, because that removes Away at the start of her turn. Twister also cures Tempestas of Away and gives her a bonus to her attack that lasts one round.

Airburst — Works the same way it did before, except it inflicts Away for a minimum of two rounds. Also, the game now tells you at the start of every combat whether or not winning that battle is optional.

Spanking rpg games

Feedback is much appreciated. In a truly shocking development, the new content is ready, just like I promised at the start of June. This version includes the first day of content for episode 4. Get it at the Downlo section! T itle Screen, O ptions have been moved behind a mouse-clickable button, and been given mouse-clickable buttons as well. Same for the spanking rpg games dynamic combat commands like a attack, or b powerand story choices like 1.

Punch her in the face! I found that spanking rpg games be painfully noisy while I was testing. The emojis are, in order from least sore to most sore:. I still write sentences behind the scene the game just counts up how many sentences Scarlet Moon hasso if people prefer the descriptions, raise a stink. I can either revert the change or more likely add yet another option. Before, it was max 1, attacker.

However, this made speed a rather baroque, and powerful stat. Basically what this means is that if your character is slower than your opponent, increasing speed increases the damage you do by 1. If your character is faster, increasing speed decreases the damage you take by 1. I felt like there was never any reason to take a strength point if you understood speed, which was hard to understand.

The new formula is: max 1, attacker. In other words, every even point of speed grants you one additional damage and one additional defense. This is much easier to understand, and makes both strength and speed viable. Instead, spanking does two things: a. Inflict the spanked status. Windtunnel was intended as a way of turning Prometheus and Poseidon against each other. Hopefully these are all for the better, but if anything rubs you the wrong way, or feels unbalanced please let me know.

Finally, I would greatly appreciate it if you all posted your stats at the end of the new content, and let me know which powers you rely on, which ones you ignore, and which ones you use situationally. Could also help players who are struggling with the combat. That being said, she always manages to come through in the clutch. She relies heavily on Scarlet Focus to get buffed quickly.

Scarlet-armor and Scarlet Cords are her bread and butter, and make her very resilient. Speed will just straight up reduce the amount of damage you take. Currently, most damage is calculated by computing max 1, attacker. This had the effect of making Speed a bit too weird. If you had a low speed relative to your opponentincreasing it by 1 increased your damage by one. If you had a high speed, increasing it by 1 reduced the damage you took by 1.

The new formula is max 1, attacker. So the trade off is much more straightforward.

Spanking rpg games

If the duration gets reduced to zero or one, the buff gets removed. Granted that will probably change as more heroes show up who can take on the damage dealing role that Scarlet Moon currently fills, but even so I want all the powers to be useful now. In other words, buff reduction stacks.

This should hopefully make Scarlet Paddle a much more interesting power, and perhaps worth losing a bit of damage per round. So you if you use a speed increasing buff after Grabbed, you can regain at least some defense. The changes above will be backwards compatible. I had several reasons for deciding to create and release first Potion Wars, and then Scarlet Moon. One of the most important and selfish was how very few spanking games there were out there when I started. I was hoping that if I could create a good enough game, other people would be inspired and would write games that I could play, much as Pierce inspired me.

Well, it looks like in at least one case, that has born fruit: Welcome to Puttsdale by Victor Mammoth. There are a lot of characters in Puttsdale all living their own lives and experiencing their own spanky drama. The purpose of the game is basically to explore the town, meet the townsfolk and see how many scenes you can unlock. Some scenes can only be found at spanking rpg games times of day.

Others require certain stat levels or equipment. Some are only unlocked after unlocking other scenes. The writing is also very engaging and the spanking scenes are sexy. I only have two gripes.

Spanking rpg games

Partly, this is because most spanking games currently out there i. Partly, this is because I find scavenger hunts to be kind of tedious. Basically, your character feels kind of like the narrator from the Great Gatsby: a narrative device more than an actual character.

The first gripe however just boils down to taste. The same applies here. My second gripe is simply the reality of hobby projects.

Spanking rpg games

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