Teachers pet game walkthrough

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Teachers pet game walkthrough

Jul 4, Storm4n said:. 1 and 2 give you all the console codes you'll ever need. Reactions: Scrichta. Ryahn United Weebs of Thrownaway Staff member. Game Compressor. Jul 5, 4, 24, RobJoy said:. But since this game is a perpetual loop, you never know if you have done it all, as it should have been done in order teachers pet game walkthrough progress. Gagi Member. Jun 24, Ryahn said:. The achievement system that it has, does give you a sense of progress.

Last edited: Jul 25, Gagi said:. Well not quite. I just had a scene where I saw the daughter in the bathroom after the movie night if not properly, with high enough control and I got the achievement but I wasn't happy with the outcome and clicked Back a few times and chose a different option so that scene never happened.

I chose a different path, got a different outcome but the achievement was still recorded even tho it technically never happened in the storyline. Jul 20, 23 Potato Member. Oct 15, True, but you are left clueless as to how to achieve those. May 31, Reactions: Robert Johannesson. Jun 10, 8 3. Bug report v1. Game is still in development. Either you wait for more to be released or provided bug reports with the current builds that are leaked before they go free.

Out of all the devs here, this is the only one of the few that doesn't lock his games behind a paywall. It gets released for free after alpha testing is done and a majority of the bugs are fixed. Sure some will slip through, were all human. Granted all feedback is valid to a certain point. After that, its getting out of hand and there is no need for it. Last edited: Jul 26, Reactions: r00m.

Aug 18, 2, 23, Reactions: bas. Nov 25, 3 4. Bloo said:. Please calm down. If you don't know how to progress ask people, ask if there's a walkthrough. A achievement systems isn't supposed to tell you how to acquire said achievements in the first place. Calm down? Jul 22, 4 6. May 28, 2, Spoiler: Sex scenes available in current build You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

Teachers pet game walkthrough

Log in or register now. Reactions: verzauberungkenan and lol New players of this game should be advised, there is a cheat code to enter when the narrator asks you for your credit card. Spoiler: Raising affection You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Reactions: verzauberung. Respected User.

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Teachers pet game walkthrough

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Teachers pet game walkthrough

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